Sunday, March 27, 2005

Even though Kai's birthday was on Saturday last week, we didn't celebrate until Sunday because Jim and Carla had a wedding to attend. Sunday, we had a family day at the zoo. The babies enjoyed being outside and seemed to pay attention at times but overall were a little indifferent to the animals (except the ones they could see up close - goats, sheep). Later that evening, after dinner, we had a few friends and neighbors over for cake and ice cream. Kai wasn't overly interested in the cake. He got a big handful and then sucked his thumb. Carla fed him some which he seemed to like. She also put his "sucking thumb" in the icing which led to a funny face when he went to "plug up" again. He didn't care for a sweet sucking thumb.

Kai and Sierra both practiced their walking quite a bit this week. They've both mastered the little push trucks. It's like a traffic jam in the playroom when they get going. They can even turn them a little by themselves, but inevitablely end up against the wall and wait for us to turn them around so they can start up again.

Kai has really become interactive. He loves playing peek-a-boo. He'll actually cover his face and then pull his hands down real quick and wait for us to say peek-a-boo. Also, when we say "So Big..." he throws his hands up in the air. Sierra does this some too, when she's in the mood.

Sierra loves books. She loves being read to, but also likes eating them. She's become quite independent. She'll crawl over to the bookshelf in the playroom and play with the books for long periods of time all by herself (obviously supervised).

On Friday, Jim's sister Nancy came for a visit with her family - Seth, Brad and Carly. Kai and Sierra got to meet their aunt and cousins for the first time. The babies have done great with them. Other than a few meltdowns when we deviated from their schedule, it's been a good visit and we've enjoyed having them.

Here are a few pictures from the week:


Daddy helps Kai sign his "1-year autograph" in his baby book.



Kai's Elmo birthday cake - took mom 3 trips to the grocery store to get the right icing for it.


Mom and Sierra checking out the goats.



"Those sheep look different than my Baby Einstein movie."


The boys by the sheep.



Daddy and Kai at the elephant pen.


Attempt at a shot with Mom and babies in their Kazakhstan t-shirts.


Kaii and his Leap Frog Tad - one of his birthday presents for Aunt Bunny and family.


The King and his cake.



Kai eating Elmo's eyeball.


"Put a fork in me.. I'm done."



Daddy ticking Kai.


"Look at me, I'm running..."



"I'll be walking on my own soon. Check back later."


Kerrigan played with us on Friday. She was a big help with Sierra and Kai.



Sierra and her cousin Carly watching the Disney channel.


Kai and Sierra in the new ball pool that Jason and Keely (our Kaz travel partners and friends) gave Kai for his birthday.



"Mmm.. these taste like plastic."


Kai and Aunt Nancy.



"This ball pool thing rocks..."


Aunt Nancy and Sierra on their way to the dinner table.



Sierra's new favorite cousin (after he fed her a corn muffin).



Nancy and Carly.



Carly and Brad.


Kai playing Peek-a-boo.



Ball pool full of cousins...


Easter egg dying with naked babies.



Kai and Carly waiting on their eggs to color.


Sierra and Carly monitoring egg dying production.


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