Sunday, April 3, 2005

This week started with Easter. Jim's sister and her family stayed with us through Monday so we all went to church on Sunday. This was a big day for Jim and Carla because it was the firs time they'd put Kai and Sierra in the nursery. Both babies did great. They didn't cry when we left. When we went to pick them up, Sierra was in the corner playing with a few other children and Kai was asleep in the rocker with one of the caregivers.

Here are a few other highlights from the week:

  • Sierra and Kai both love music. They rock back and forth when a song comes on. They're not particular about what song it is - could be Grover on Sesame Street or something on the radio. We actually turn the legs down on the exersaucer and they can rock around on the disk. It's funny to watch.

  • Sierra tirelessly wants to walk with the push truck. Kai likes his too, but Sierra is a work horse. She goes and goes and gets mad when you make her stop. Kai takes breaks along the way, but not her - she's not easily distracted.

  • Sierra seems to have allergies. Poor thing is always scratching her eyes and nose and has the occasional runny nose.

  • Kai spoke "bye, bye" when he waved bye to Jim on Friday - we think. It sure sounded like he said that and since we both witnessed it, we'll assume yes. Although he hasn't done it since then.

  • Best of all - Kai says "Ma, Ma" during lunch on Friday, which made Carla cry. Of course, there were no witnesses and he hasn't done it since then, but Carla will still take it.

  • Both Kai and Sierra have started "testing" us a little. They clearly know what NO means and we had to use it a few times this week which led to the water works. Of course, 2 seconds later, they were fine.

  • For the most part, the kids have free rein of the house. It's baby proofed so they can wander from room to room (the ones they're allowed in). They have a blast chasing each other around and laughing. Kai uses the opportunity to throw something like a ball and then chase it to the next room. Miss independent usually wanders off on her own and finds something good to chew on.

  • We toured a pre-school this week. The waiting list is almost 2 years which is about when we would put Kai and Sierra in a program. It looks promising - they even start teaching languages at age 2 (Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Sign Language).

  • Since Kai and Sierra are on "table food" now, we have introduced a number of different foods - various vegtables and fruit etc. "Knock on wood" - we haven't found anything they don't like or won't eat. They also have switched over to whole milk from formula without skipping a beat.

Here are the pics from the week:


Brad (Kai and Sierra's cousin) feeding Kai his morning bottle.



Miss Carly (Kai and Sierra's cousin).


Sierra with her Easter basket.



Kai and Sierra's Easter baskets (stuffed animal and eggs filled with Cheerios).


Easter wiped Sierra out.



Seth (Kai and Sierra's cousin) feeding Kai his night bottle.


Sierra winning the race.



Sierra's "drive by snorting"


Round 35.



Reverse. Round 45.


Snack time by the lake. Kai and Sierra are so cute in the stoller. They always lay their heads next to each other and sometimes hold hands.



Sierra watching the ducks at the lake.


"Who's the handsome guy in the mirror?"



Kai cracking himself up.


Sierra by her favorite place in the playroom - the bookshelf.



"Say cheese."


"Here I come again."



"I love my truck."


Kai and his Kitty - he sleeps with it at night - holds the ears and sucks his thumb.



"Look how big I've gotten."


Movie time.



"Forget the Partridge family band - we have our own Higgins family version."


Sierra's "microphone"




"Can you help me put it in reverse?"


"Why are these things aimed at the wall?" How's a girl suppose to get moving?




Kai borrowing Sierra's kitty.


"Hey look - I fit under the exersaucer."



"Daddy's funny."


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