About Us...

After growing up in mountains of West Virginia (Jim) and on the coast of Virginia (Carla), we first crossed paths as graduate students at Radford University. From the beginning, I guess we seemed to be a great fit for each other. Jim's laid-back, don't-worry-be-happy mentality seemed to provide a good balance with Carla's focused, ultra-organized style, and vice-versa. To make a long story very short, in September 1996 we were married and established our new home in Orlando, FL., where we live today with our two cats, Jasmine & Leroy, and our dog, Forrest.

The fact that we live in a flat, inland city is a bit ironic though. Based on our respective upbringings, we both have an intense love of the outdoors, specifically the mountains and the water. While most couples our age spend their vacation doing more "hip" things, we prefer to do things like explore the Canadian Rockies in an RV, setting up camp next to people twice our age!

The picture to the right was taken earlier this year at Morraine Lake, Alberta, Canada. Over the course of only about an hour, it became one of our favorite places in the world! For us, the mountains and the water have a way of helping us forget about all the day-to-day chaos and remind us of what is most important in life, that's why we wanted them reflected in our children's names.

To say our lives have been blessed would be an understatement. Professionally, we have been challenged to start and, together successfully build our own company, Censeo Corporation… and we've had the opportunity to travel throughout the US and abroad. But what we're most fortunate to posses is a loving and supportive group of family and friends. Although we are geographically disperse, they've always been there for us, throughout all the ups and downs. Thanks!

We invite you to take an active part in helping us bring Kai and Sierra home by exploring our site, learning about our family's new culture, and posting your thoughts.

Jim and Carla Higgins

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