Sunday, March 20, 2005

We started this week with a photo shoot by the lake in our neighborhood. Our neighbor, Mendy has her own photography business and spent the morning getting some awesome shots of our newly formed family. Some of the pictures are below but the rest can be viewed at:

We had a follow-up doctors appointment this week. Kai and Sierra are both still very healthy and growing like weeds. Kai is now 21.8 lbs (long way from the 3.5 lbs he was at birth) and Sierra is 19.2 lbs. We had a few more vaccination shots which led to a "screamfest" in the doctor's office but overall they did fine and are right on track developmentally. Also, we're moving on to table foods and whole milk (after we finish our supply of baby food). We've tried a few things so far. Sierra is doing well feeding herself little bits of turkey and peas. Kai still prefers to have us stick it in his mouth (He can pick the food up ok but then just throws it).

Both babies love the peek-a-boo game. Kai has even started mimicking us. He'll cover his eyes with his hand and then pull it off and wait for us to say peek-a-boo.

The big event this week is Kai's first birthday. We had a wedding to go to on his actual birthday (Saturday, 3/19/05) so we're celebrating on Sunday. We did get a couple of shots today in his birthday crown.

Incidentally, Kai said his first "word" today - when Jim got back from running errands, he walked in and Kai got excited and said DA, DA. He's been saying DA for a while but it was clearly associated with Jim today.

Here are some pics:


The first Higgins' family portrait


Our little princess



Dancin' Dude


Handsome boy



Good job Mendy - Who would have thought an 11 mo and 12 mo old could sit still, look in the same direction and smile all in unison.


Growing like weeds...



The next Levi's model.


Kai in his Kazakhstan t-shirt



"These are shorts, not jeans."


Kai playing peek-a-boo using the pillows.



"When is it my turn?"


Sierra waiting in line for her bath. Kai strategically covering himself so we had a "G-rated" shot.



"I love the bath tub"


The line for nightly bottles.



Kai checking out his birthday e-card.


Sierra wanted to see the birthday card too.



King for a day.


"How do you like my crown?"



Sierra wearing Kai's birthday hat that MeMaw made him.

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