Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kai and Sierra turn 2 !

We've successfully made it past our birthday season! Kai turned 2 on March 19th and Sierra did on April 20th. We had our combo Nemo Party on March 26th.

For Kai's birthday, we went to a lake with our friends Ana and Michael. Kai loves the water so it was a fun day for him.


He showed much more interested in his cupcake this year - we had crumbs and icing everywhere.


Since Kai and Sierra both love Nemo right now, we decided on a Nemo/Dorey theme party.


Mama's cakes turned out pretty good - Kai and Sierra even recognized who they were supposed to be.


Our party consisted of big bubbles sticks, balloons and playing at the park. Kai enjoyed slinging the bubbles everywhere.


Sierra was teething (2 yr molars) at the time so she wasn't 100% but was very happy in the swing.


Kai running around with his friend Alivia.


Kai and Avery chasing the balloons.


Sierra wasn't fond of her party hat.


"Let me just get a little icing before you cut Dorey."


No party hat, and cake for lunch... that makes a Sierra a happy girl.


Sierra and Avery taking a stroll.


On Sierra's birthday, we went to the zoo (MeMaw & Pawpaw were visiting and bought them these cool animal juice bottles).


"Mmmmm, birthdays are awesome" --- Sierra didn't seem to mind the Nemo hat today.


2 year pictures





What a difference a year makes - Kai and Sierra had a lot of fun this Easter (whereas they were a bit oblivious last year). They had 3 Easter egg hunts and really loved their Easter baskets. The Easter bunny didn't come to our house until after church so it was a fun surprise for them. Kai's favorite item was a squirt bottle which he quickly mastered and still loves to squirt everyone and everything in his path. Sierra's favorite item was her duck necklace, which was actually a bottle of bubbles.

Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt the week before Easter. As you can see, it was a field of eggs for the 0 - 2 yr old group. Kai was all about the quantity. He was quick to grab as many eggs as he could.

Sierra, on the other hand, would pick up an egg and open it, then drop it and move on (unless it was one with marshmallows in it, in which case, she'd try to eat through the plastic packaging).


"Say cheese!"


Kai and Sierra with the Easter Bunny.


Easter Egg hunt #2. Kathy and Kerrigan had one for Kai and Sierra. They loved it because Kerrigan put "real candy" in their eggs which they don't usually get to eat. They loved the chocolate so much, they ate through the foil wrapper before Mom could take it away from them.


"Aunt Bunny and Clay surprised us with a visit Easter weekend. I like tickling her with this dog toy."



Kai liked Clay's soccer ball (even though he looks a little "frozen" in this picture).

The Easter Bunny came!


"Wow - look at all this stuff."


Easter Egg Hunt #3. Mama and Daddy had an Easter egg hunt on Easter day. Kai loaded his basket. Sierra made Daddy carry hers.

Sierra giving Ligia an Easter kiss.


We had a nice Easter dinner by the pool with our friend, Dick. Florida weather is awesome.


Grandma Nancy's visit

Grandma Nancy came for a 10-day visit. We all went to the beach for a weekend and had a blast. Kai and Sierra love the beach.

The ocean was nice and calm this weekend so we were able to play with Grandma in the water.


Splash, splash, splash!


Cruisin' on the boardwalk.

"How big can you smile?"

The Higgins'


Grandma had the great idea of sitting us in the chair together so we could watch Tarzan in the hotel.


PawPaw and MeMaw's visit

PawPaw and MeMaw came for a visit in April (they were actually in town the week of Sierra's birthday). We had so much fun at the beach when Grandma Nancy came, that we went away for another beach weekend with PawPaw and MeMaw.

"Ok - everybody smile" - when you ask Kai and Sierra to smile, this is what you get. We're looking forward to what the elementary school pictures are going to look like.


"One, Two, Three, Swoosh" - MeMaw was getting her afternoon workout.




And Kisses...

And more kisses...


"Daddy, stop tickling me."


The flying Kai.


"More, more, more."


Jim suffered through our seafood restaurant meal (he ate a 2 lb hamburger while the rest of us ate really good seafood - Jim's not a seafood enthusiast).




PawPaw teaching Sierra how to lick the cake batter out of the bowl.



It was a busy spring, but was great to have so many family visits. Since we live so far away, we miss seeing everyone. Kai and Sierra are doing great. Both of them are talking a lot more. Sierra is like a parrot- she repeats what she hears. Kai is talking a lot more and his vocabulary is increasing every week. Both of them still use their sign language (we still like to reinforce it as a 2nd language). Last week at church Kai came out and did the sign for "water" and pointed as his pants. Carla asked him if he had wet pants and shortly after the caregiver came out to tell us he'd just spilled water on himself. Bottom line... we're communicating, although it's sometimes in a hybrid fashion.

They are currently taking ISR swim lessons (we'll include some pictures on the next post) that "drown proof" them - teach them to float on their back, to breathe, then flip over and paddle, and repeat. Sierra, cried for the first week, but then stopped and enjoys the lessons. It took Kai a little longer to adapt. They both love the water and will do the same exercises with Mama and Daddy in the water over and over again, but the stress of the lessons had them a little emotional.

It's amazing how quickly they're learning. It's a lot of fun to watch.

Here are a few misc pics to close our post:

One of our favorite outings is the weekly trip to the library for story time. They read, sing, and dance for 20 minutes. It's a lot of fun.

I love my glasses.

Sierra giving the frog some love (we let them see it through the tupperware before it regained it's freedom). Sierra loves all animals - she doesn't discriminate - bug, snake, dog, cow - they get equal love..

Me too.

Building a crayon case at a local festival.

Daddy with Kai and Sierra in their new, cool Home Depot aprons.

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