Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kai and Sierra have turned into two little fish. We enrolled them in the ISR lessons (Infant Swimming Resource) which are meant to "drown-proof" (i.e., if they happen to fall into a body of water, they can correct themselves and work their way to safety - a swim/float rotation. The lessons were a little stressful for them in the beginning but they did great. It's amazing to watch them now. They jump off the side of the pool and swim to Mama and Daddy and they can swim across our pool all by themselves. They're not happy when informed it's time to get out (Kai usually goes under water on the steps and looks up from underwater - pretending not to hear). Needless to say, we are in the pool a LOT.

They both keep mom and dad on their toes... it's a really fun age. Here area few highlights for each of them (in no particular order)

Kai Highlights   Sierra Highlights

Kai thinks anything that is not working needs batteries (he'll tell you "batteries" or if it's a toy, he puts it on the counter where we replace batteries so it can be "serviced."


Sierra loves coloring and anything in the "craft box." So far she seems to favor her right hand when "writing."

He doesn't like loud noises. If a motorcycle goes by or it thunders outside, he rapidly says "No, no, no."


She is now saying one - three word sentences (although she still likes to repeat what Mom and Dad say in conversation). She has also started recognizing multiple items i.e., two cookies, one rock. She is also counting random numbers but at least several in sequence (we've heard her on the baby monitor at night..."six, seven, eight, one, two, three."

Kai and Sierra are both pretty good at sharing but like normal siblings, they fight over toys etc. Kai will inform Sierra (or us) "Kai turn" while pointing at himself when he's ready for his turn.


She wakes up extremely happy - ready to conquer another day. One of her favorite sayings when she sees you is "Hi there!"

He's still not a big fan of vegetables but we make him eat them anyway (often holding the fruit or yogurt hostage until he's finished). So far this strategy has worked for us.


Sierra could be a vegetarian - she hasn't met a vegetable she didn't like.

He is very opinionated about the movies he wants to watch and the music he wants to listen to in the car. We have a couple of movie soundtracks (.e., Tarzan). He asks for it every time we get in any car. But that's not all. He will also tell you "No, No, No" when he hits a song he doesn't want to listen to. He'll proceed to do this until you fast forward to another song that he likes. Mom and Dad are working on this so we aren't hostage to a 2-yr old.


Sierra is very loveable. She loves giving kisses to everyone and will often walk up to you and give you a kiss on the leg or random hug (she also kisses every animal she sees and can get a hold of... walking up to them and saying "kisses... nice" - she's picked up mom's accent on this word - drawing out the long I). .

If he is watching a movie, he doesn't want anyone to talk or make noise to interfere. His favorite saying is "No, no, no" often shaking a finger at you to be quiet (this phrase also comes in handy when he "helps" discipline Sierra after hearing us speak to her.


She does everything fast... she's a mover and a shaker. She runs everywhere (instead of walking) and she likes to throw everything (logical thing to do when you're finished with an item, right???)

Kai can't stand a mess. He'll insists it be cleaned up immediately.


Sierra's attention span for watching a movie is very short. Her brother can hang out for some time, but she prefers to color or read.

He is very sensitive. He will promptly report on the slightest "boo-boo" and often request medicine (he's even been known to "fake" an old injury that warranted chewable tylenol).


Sierra is a jumper in the pool. She jumps over and over and over again ... never seems to tire out. She's always on the go and we have to work with her to make sure she's resting/relaxing when on her back (she insists on kicking her legs so she's always motoring around).

Kai loves the pool. His swimming is very "text book" from his training. He is very calm and relaxed.


She never latched on to a favorite doll or blanket but she does have a favorite pair of sandals which she insists on wearing everywhere (she's even been know to have a melt down if you suggest she wear something different).

Here are some pictures from the last few months...



Sierra in her final swimming lesson test (with clothes on).


Kai's final swimming test.

Stephanie, our instructor, always has "twins" take a final test together (since they'd likely in getting into mischief at the same time and could end up on the pool together.

Kai liked to relax with a cup of fruit after his lesson.


We found a frog in the kitchen light. It was very exciting... you've got to love Florida

Mama, Kai and Sierra at the Museum of Art family day (this was the music room - we were doing the song..."We're going on a bear hunt.".


Sierra loves the Very Hungry Caterpillar."


Cousin Hunter came for a visit with PawPaw. He everyone is at the Art Museum... this was the reading circle.


The craft project for the day (the theme was Brown Bear) was making a bear puppet. This is Sierra's.


Say cheese... Poor Pawpaw had a time getting all 3 cousins to sit together for a picture at Sea World (mainly Kai and Sierra were the challenge).


Sierra's first amusement park ride (Sea World kid zone). Kai was in another cup riding with Daddy.


Family chaos in the splash zone at Sea World.


This was a highlight for Kai - he loved the water areas at Sea World.


Kai and Avery having a snack by the pool.


Sierra and Avery on the swings.


Thumbs up... "this swimming thing is awesome!"


Kai and Sierra at the Zellwood Corn Festival. They love corn on the cobb.


Every festival needs a mascot... Mr. Corn was a big hit.


"Mama, put the flash down and stop taking my picture."


Kai and Sierra saw their first movie in June. Ice Age 2 was playing at the $.50 theatre. We lasted about 35 minutes.


The life size bucket of popcorn was a big hit.


Kai "playing soccer" at the park.


Memorial day watermelon was a big hit.


"I'd smile if I didn't have this big hunk of fruit in my mouth."

"I love my Daddy."


Sierra chilling out with Putter on the couch watching Nemo.


We've been working on our acrobatics in the pool. Maybe we have an olympic diver in the making.


"Daddy, I'm ready for my dismount."



Our friends Derek and Shana came to the east coast so we met them at the beach for a weekend with their family. This was a ditch effort to get a picture... as you can see, they weren't having it.


Uncle Matt came for a short visit on Father's Day.


We take long walks with our shopping carts. They're good for all the sticks and rocks we find.


Sierra loves jumping off the side. She'll often do it 10 - 20 times in a row. It never gets old.


Kai's "dives" are a little more conservative. He loves it but asks for "help" when it's his turn.


How many 2-year olds can say cheese for the camera while floating in the pool... Kai has a tough life.


Swinging on the 4th of July with Kerrigan.

Sierra was navigating us around Scott and Amanda's lake. She does a good 360 in the water.


Kai driving the boat with Daddy. He figured out the throttle real quick and preferred to drive with a nice on/off jerky motion.


Watching the fireworks (Sierra was about to conk out).


"I love making cookies. I'm using my oven mitt because they're hot, hot."


Dry run for "mulch day."


Sierra preferred to ride.


Faster, faster.


Daddy and Kai spreading the mulch.

Kai had his own wheelbarrow... he was a big helper (hopefully he'll still want to help when he's a teenager).

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