Friday, January 21, 2005

Today was a recuperation day. The kids slept until about 5:00AM. Sierra woke up because she lost her pacifier. Her crying then woke Kai up. We normally would have let them cry themselves back to sleep (which usually only lasts about 5-10 min) but we didn't want to wake up all our house guests. So we got them up and brought them back to our bedroom to watch cartoons for a little bit.

After playing and giving them breakfast, we put them down for their first nap. Jim, Carla and Les were still trying to nap when the kids did to catch up from the jet lag.

Once the kids were back up, we started receiving all our friends and neighbors that were anxious to see the kids. Bunny and Jan came by before heading to the airport. The kids did great with everyone - and as expected. Sierra laughed and smiled while Kai checked things out with his patented stare.

Robin and Kit prepared a big mid day meal for us. We had all the great foods we missed over Christmas (turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes). We were starving from not eating for days so it tasted awesome. They even made us a Coconut pie and a Banana Cream pie for dessert. It was a real treat and one that required another nap after eating.

Later in the afternoon, several of our friends/neighbors came by to visit.

The kids have been taking long naps during the day. We think all the stimulation they've been getting (from all the toys and visitors) is wiping them out. We have actually had to wake them up from their naps so they will sleep at night.

We're still trying to get settled. We have to finish unpacking (and do laundry) and reorganize so we're set when everyone leaves (and all we'll have to worry about is the kids and our new schedule). Slowly getting back to normal...

Here are some of the pictures from today:


Our welcome home sign and balloons in front of the house.




Bunny and Kai. Bunny came in for our arrival at the airport and leaves today to go back home.


Bunny getting ready to feed Sierra.



"Good mush."


"Give me 5"



Kai's getting a lot of attention.


Bunny, Kai, Robin, Jeffrey and Kit.




Kai is most happy when he's walking (still with assistance as you can see).


Dick and Kai.



Ligia and Kai.


Alex, Ligia, Kai and Sierra



Eddie and Kai.


Rebecca and Sierra



Kathy, Kerrigan and Sierra.


Grandma giving Sierra her bottle.



"Hey, look at this face"


"I'm coming to get that camera."



The Doodle Bug game was a big hit.


"Look, I've got the purple one."




So far, Forrest is adjusting pretty well.


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