Sunday, January 23, 2005

Our first weekend back was good. We had lots of help around the house. Robin (Carla's mom), Jeffrey, Kit and Hunter (Carla's brother, sister-in-law and nephew) stayed with us. We were all really tired from the flights and time zone change so it was great to have the help around the house. They kids did well. They slept through the night (for the most part - Sierra would wake up at 3AM when she lost her pacifier but would go back to sleep as soon as you put it back in her mouth).

The kids have both done well with all our friends and family that have visited (Sierra better than Kai). Sierra goes to anyone with a smile. Kai needs to study everyone from a distance first.

Our church had their annual baby dedication which we participated in on Sunday. Afterwards, some of our friends came by and brought dinner. We made the mistake of waking the kids up and bringing them directly into a room of people that they'd never seen before. It was a little overwhelming to them. They had a cranky evening with everyone. We now let them wake up on their own (or open the door and make a lot of noise so they think they woke up on their own).

Everything for them has been first. So many things we take for granted or really don't think of. This was the first time they had been on carpet, heard a phone ring, been in a car (or car seat), watched tv, played with all the toys, been outside in a stroller etc.

Here are the pics from the weekend.


Grandma cutting Sierra's fingernails (she was clawing everyone to death). Sierra seemed content to sit and watch. Hopefully she'll do the same when Mom and Dad try it next.


Kai with the doodlebug diversion while Grandma cuts his fingernails.


Jeffrey, Kit, Hunter, Sierra and Kai.



Jim and Carla with Kai and Sierra at our church "new baby dedication"



Les, Robin, Jeffrey, Carla, Sierra, Jim, Kai, Kit and Hunter at Journey church.



Rebecca (our wonderful neighbor) and Sierra.


"I've got your nose." Ligia and Sierra. Ligia is Kai and Sierra's babysitter.



"I'm getting tired."


Out cold - isn't he sweet.



Snug as a bug in a rug..


"I like this show, do you?"



"Are we still in Kazakhstan - why are you making us wear all these clothes in Florida?" -- When we returned to FL, we had a cold front come through and it was in the 20s at night - chilly...


Sierra and Kai's first trip to Censeo Corp (Mom and Dad's office)



Everyone meeting the newest Higgins'. Paige is holding Sierra.



Ron and Sierra.


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