Tuesday, December 21, 2004 - In Route...

Hi all! It's already turned out to be a long day of travel, but we're halfway to Almaty! Despite our best intentions to get a good night's sleep before the trip, that (predictably) didn't happen. We were so wired that 3:30 AM was about the latest we could manage. After anxiously spending our last few hours at the house, our friend Kathy was nice enough to drive the three of us and 6 duffle bags of luggage (plus 3 carry-ons) to the airport (Thanks Kath!). We've been lucky so far - the flights to Washington DC and Frankfurt have been on time and relatively smooth.

It's now 9AM Wednesday in Frankfurt, Germany (3AM EDT) so that means we just passed the 24-hour mark without any sleep. We're so excited that we aren't feeling tired yet… and we agree that it's probably good training for having two babies in the house!

So what's next? We leave for Almaty, Kazakhstan in about three hours. It will be another long flight and we'll continue “losing” time as we continue to travel east. The flight is due to arrive at 11:45PM and a driver should be waiting to take us to our apartment for the night.

That's it for now… all the good post will come later as we get closer to Uralsk and the baby house!

Here are a couple pictures of the day's events.






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