Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fall Fun!

We are off to a good start in 5th Grade. Kai and Sierra are both doing well and enjoying their last year of elementary (except for the home work). We scheduled a camping trip once a month throughout the Fall which was fun. We finally got into some cooler weather and actually were able to make a camp fire (All our trips since getting the RV were in the hot, summer months).

Unfortunately, we had some not-so fun excitemet as well. Sierra fell out of our bed right on her front, permanent tooth and shattered it (on a Sunday morning at 5am). Fortunately, the dentist got us in within a couple of hours on a Sunday! It took him 3 hours to put her back together (the root was exposed) but he did a great job. That was on September 14th and so far, she has been good about eating on the side and its still good and strong.

We had a nice treat for Thanksgiving.. MeMaw and PawPaw came for a visit. It was a nice, relaxing time (except for the bright idea of going out for early "black Friday shopping" - on Thanksgiving night). We quickly realized the error of our ways, and went back home.

Here are a few of pictures of our fun adventures!

The photo diary is below:

Carla's Birthday


Disney Camping Trip
Soccer Season


Thanksgiving & Memaw/Pawpaw Visit
Wekiva Camping/Triathlon   Halloween/Fall Activities



Kai and Sierra 5th Grade School Pictures




Carla's Birthday (back to top)

The birthday celebration turned into a week. Jim had a race out of state on "the day" so we celebrated the weekend before (and then Kai/Sierra/Carla had a nice dinner out on "the day).


Birthday Martini!


The boys.


The girls.


Crazy face.


Melting Pot on the actual day.. Kai making a fake spot for Dad.


Nice rabbit ears.


Hurry.. switch sides and get a picture with Kai.


Ah... dessert!


Soccer Season (back to top)

Undefeated soccer season again this year! We have a pretty talented team. Next season we're going up an age bracket so it may be a little more humbling for the kids.


Goofy team shot..



















Wekiva Camping/Jim's Space Coast Triathlon (back to top)

Kai and Sierra had an extra day off of school in October so we took the camper for a couple of nights in Wekiva. We then travelled over to the East Coast of Florida to spend the night for Jim's Space Coast Triathlon.


Thanks MeMaw/Pawpaw - we love our new camping grill.

We ate outside like the old days (until the mosquitos ran us off).


Our campsite.


Pretty good home for a few days.



Flower close-up

Cool looking beetle bug on our hike


Watch out for the ants!

More pretty flowers


Kai ready to hike some more.


Check out my new tooth.


Cluster of mushrooms


Sierra spotted this cool looking lizard

Love these guys!


Cooling off in the spring.

Beautiful day!


Cross eyes and bunny ears - it was a great day!


Husband and kids doing RV dinner dishes... love it!


It cooled off enough to have a short camp fire.


We lasted about 45 minutes and then everyone got too hot.


Kai creamed us all at checkers.

We didn't get to see Jim on the swim this time, but caught him on the bike.


...and we got a few pictures of him on his run (the last leg of the Tri).

A well deserved medal (it was hot/humid and not much tree coverage... made for a long race).


"I survived"


One last shot by the finish line!


The bike portion went by the NASA vehicle assembly building. Spectators couldn't get back here, but we got a couple of pics from a pro.

The pictures were too good to pass up.




Halloween/Fall Activities) (back to top)

We started off the season with a visit to the Petrified Forrest with our friends Sam/Alivia. It was a very spooky haunted house. We also went on our annual trip to the Zoo Boo event, and of course trick-or-treating. This year we teamed up with our neighbors to create a haunted house for Halloween night. The kids were the actors and had a blast. They didn't even want to trick or treat that long; they were anxious to get into role.

Alivia, Sierra, Sam, and Kai


Morgan, Mendy, Alivia, Sam, Sierra and Kai with the creepy guy at the Petrified Forrest.


This character said they were ebola.


This one was just gross!


Pumpkin patch pics - handsome dude!


Pretty girl!


Love this picture... they do love each other :)


Annual Halloween trip to Zoo Boo Bash.



5th Grade bike riders!


It's finally Halloween!



Kai was a creepy mask dude.


One spooky, one not.



Sierra looking fancy...


Inside the kids' haunted house.



Another house down.. where's the next one?


Run... the faster we go, the more candy we'll get.


Disney Camping Trip (back to top)

We scheduled a trip to camp at Disney in November (its been a couple of years since we camped there). We have Disney Quest passes so it was nice to be close enough to catch a bus and do that for an evening. We had to head back to our soccer game on the first morning which made for a chaotic weekend but fun too!


Lots of "residents" had their spots decorated with festive blow-ups.


This was our first site with cable hookup.


We went to the campfire and roasted marshmallows.


"Yum... these are good"



The outdoor movie was Monsters University.


We had to leave on Saturday to go back home for our soccer game.. got the Disney sign shot on the way back in.


Pretty landscaping in front of the Fort Wilderness campground sign.


Too chilly for Mom/Dad, but Kai thought it felt good.


Sierra did too.


Smile for Mom!


Time for some football!


1 -2 - 3 Hike!



"I got it!"


"Ok - here is the plan."



"I'm ready to run"


"I got it!"



"Let's get Dad!"


Our last night we had some video game time at Disney Quest.


"Hurry Mom, I'll lose the game"





Thanksgiving & Memaw/PawPaw visit (back to top)

We decided to stay home this year for Thanksgiving. We were excited that MeMaw/PawPaw were able to come for a visit. Unfortunately, PawPaw had "the crud" so he wasn't feeling 100%. We had a pretty laid back/relaxed time around the house (and worked in a little shopping too).


Last day... Pawpaw was finally feeling better.. we were sad to see them go back home.


Two raccoon siblings visited us on Thanksgiving!


They were so cute and cool enough to pose.


They cruised around looking for acorns.


"Do I look good in this lighting?"


See ya!



Sierra got one turkey drumstick


Kai got the other one.


Slingshotting acorns!




Sierra out in front of our turkey.



We visited the tree farm the day after Thanksgiving.


After searching, we found the one!



Kai helped to cut it down.


Sierra did too.



Got it!


Our laborers.



Quick family shot.


After we cut down our tree, we visited their petting zoo.


Time to sort out the lights.


What tree decorating time is complete without ELF!


Its almost perfect.


We just need a few more ornaments.



Here is our Hawaii ornament.


Time to eat the first candy cane!



"Got mine"


"Its done!"



Miscellaneous (back to top)

In addition to all the fun described above, we had lots of other miscellaneous adventures (see below).


Anniversary dinner away!


Our first couple selfie!


The new tortoise at the zoo.


Cool cat!


If it wasn't for the darn fence, would be a cool leopard shot.


The otter is taking a nap.


The butterflies came out for a picture.


Beautiful owl.


"I'm sticking my tongue out at you."


Glad we were on the other side of the glass.




"So close to my face."


"I'll bet he wishes the glass wasn't there."


The iguana stopped for a pose.


Happy Birthday Dick!


Happy 7th Birthday Kyle.



Laser tag birthday fun.


Kai's semi annual All-A Honor Roll Breakfast. He hasn't missed one yet.



The 5th grade All-A Honor Roll team


The End!




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