Sunday, November 29, 2008

Fall Festivities

Fall was nice this year... we actually had cooler temperatures so we were able to get our long sleeve shirts out. We went to SeaWorld's Spooktacular, the Zoo Boo Bash, Uncle Donald's Farm and our church's fall festival. The kids had a ball and were really into trick-or-treating this year.

Our adventures are captured below:






Sierra insisted on posing in front of everything we passed... she's been trained well.


"Where is the next trick-or-treat station?"


Kai humored mom and decided to allow one photo to be taken of him. He wasn't quite accommodating as Sierra on this particular day.


Here is Sierra with Dolly the Dolphin.


Here is Sierra with Penny the Penguin.


We waited and waited for Shamu to come out. Just as we were told, that it wouldn't happen, he showed up. It made Sierra's day.


Kai loves roller coasters (Sierra doesn't), so Mom and Sierra looked on as Daddy rode with Kai.


We made a garbage bag tarantula as part of our Halloween decorations.


Mom finally made her Halloween House (Kai and Sierra got for her birthday) with some help from Kai and Sierra.


It turned out pretty good.


Thanks for the skeleton costume Carly.


The Zoo Boo Bash was a lot of fun.


Sierra and Kai tried to make the hay ride scary.


"Hey, here is a coral snake, like ours (the one we found outside our front door)."


"Mom, take my picture by the pumpkin."


"What can I say, I'm cute."


Mom, the lion, Sierra the spider, and Kai the elephant.


We stopped for one last picture as we left the zoo.


Uncle Donald's Farm was a haul to get to, but a fun outing. Here we are in the creepy crawly barn, checking the snakes out.


Here are Sierra and Mia on the night time Hay Ride.


"What are you looking at?"


"I love my Daddy."


"Who can make the craziest face?"


Kai is all business in his Power Ranger OverDrive costume. He was ready for Alivia and Sam's party.



"Check out these eyeball candy."


Sierra's favorite past time is swinging.



"The Zoolander."


Sierra refused to put her head in the bucket to get an apple, but she picked one up to pretend.


Kai, on the other hand, had no problem dunking his head to capture an apple.


"The Higgins' farmers"


"Do you think we should get this pumpkin?"


"We got one."


"You'd never know she was diagnosed with strep throat only a day before (she was non-contagious at this point)."


"Hurry and take the picture so I can go back in the bounce house (and our church's Fall Festival)."


Kai and Sierra insisted on waiting in line for bungie jumping at the fall festival. We waited for an hour and 1/2 until it finally our turn (they thought it was worth the wait). Sierra even did a flip for the first time.


Kai remembered how to flip from Myrtle Beach (where they did it before), so he was on auto pilot as soon as they started bouncing him.


Here is the Princess and Uniqua at the school party.


The school had a little festival for the kids. They told stories and had prizes for them.

Sierra liked it when they started blowing bubbles.


The class party was fun.. they had lots of good treats.


Kai's class was mesmerized by the spooky story.


Kai and his good buddy from school.


Kai's lead teacher for PreK is Ms. Kenyatta.


Kai's other teacher is Ms. Connie.


Sierra's lead teacher is Ms. Deborah.


Sierra didn't have any interest in carving the pumpkin but Kai wouldn't leave Daddy's side for the event.


Here is the final result ... Daddy and Kai did a great job.


Alivia and Sierra helped each other past the scary stuff at some houses (while we were trick-or-treating).



Kai wasn't so sure about the noisy mummy by the front door. He kept his eye on it to make sure nothing squirrly happened.



"Yeah, Becca was home for trick-or-treating."






Before we went out trick-or-treating, mom took some pics of Uniqua (from the Backyardigans) and the Power Ranger.

Kai has some serious Power Ranger moves. He was all business.

Sierra actually wanted to be one of the boy Backyardigans, but Memaw convinced her that Uniqua would be cute.. she loved the costume once she got it.











Class Pictures

We had our fall class pictures taken in October. They're getting so big.. where has the time gone?









In addition to all our fall festivities, we also went on our usual Disney outings and went camping. There are some picture below from those.

Kai and Sierra also had their first lemonade stand (at a garage sale we were having). They picked the lemons, made the lemonade and sold it. We were very impressed with them. Unfortunately, it was in the 40s the morning of our sale, so we didn't get many takers for lemonade until it warmed up. Daddy had the great idea of selling our lemons (we have a lemon tree). We wheeled the wagon full over to their stand and they sold those 10 for a $1 (and lemonade was $.25 a glass).

They earned $27. Mom and Dad topped it off to an even $30. After we closed up shop, we headed to ToysRUs. They each spent $10 on themselves and $10 on Toys for Tots (we planted the seed a few weeks prior that it would be nice if they used some of their profits for a child that didn't have a toy for Christmas... we left it up to them and they decided that would be a good idea). There are some pics below.



Sierra and Kai graduated into booster seats. They were thrilled and feel really big now. They were very excited about being able to reach the window button (and we are happy our car comes with a lock for it).



"We love Pluto."


Mom and Sierra posed with Chip and Dale.


This is mom's first attempt at french braids on Sierra. They didn't stay in too good but they looked really cute.


It was a little chilly for our camping trip (chilly for us.. about 50 degrees).



"Want a marshmallow, Mommy?"



"Wake up, Daddy."


Here is the advertisement for our lemonade stand.


Kai juiced most of the lemons (thanks to Mr. Dick for the juicer).


Sierra was a good helper.


"Only a few more lemons to go."


Our wagon load of lemons was overflowing before our sale... this is all we have left afterwards.



"Do you want to buy some lemonade?" (Kai and Sierra were actually pretty good salesman. They would holler at anyone that drove by or walked up, asking if they wanted to buy something).



For Thanksgiving, Kai and Sierra's school had a Native American come and put on a presentation. Everyone got war paint afterwards.



The Native American thought Kai was one too.



Sierra's costume from school. She was an Indian princess with a papoose on her back.


Kai was a pilgrim for his class parade.


Here is Kai's class picture after his parade (he is in the 2nd row).


Here is Sierra's class picture after his parade (she is in the 2nd row with the other Indians).


Sierra posed with Jasmine and Aladdin.


Kerrigan went with Sierra to get autographs with all the characters.


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