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Kindergarten, Tooth Fairy, Fall Festivities/Halloween, Soccer, etc

We thought life was busy before school! It's so hectic now, Mom needs new makeup to cover the bags under her eyes. In the last 3 months, we've embarked on many new things. Kai and Sierra both started Kindergarten. They are doing great, but it is SO MUCH WORK! Wow!

In addition to "real school," we decided to jump into the world of sports. What started as a small committment for a 5 year old soccer team, turned into Dad being head coach, and mom being the non-offical team mom. The season just ended. We all had fun and plan to continue our team in the Spring.

The tooth fairy also visited our house for the first time. Kai decided to lose two teeth at once for this first visit. It was very exciting.

We also had our normal running around with all the fall activities. We try to participate in as much as possible to get that "fall feeling," since we don't get it from the weather. It finally cooled down after Halloween.

Below are some pictures from the last several months.


Kindergarten and First Report Card

On August 24th, Kai and Sierra started Kindergarten. We kept them at Starchild (where they went to Pre-K) because they were ahead of the public school curriculm. They were already reading and would be starting back with the alphabet if we moved them.

We've stayed busy with all the homework, projects, tests etc. It is like mini-college. Mom had to rearrange her work schedule to manage the school work but it's paying off. On our first report card, they are both making straight As.


"We're ready for our first day of school!"


"We're ready to go to the big kid class. "


Kai and Sierra's cubbies with all their books and school supplies.


This is the class behavior board. 95% of the time, Kai and Sierra are both on green, but
occasionally one of them gets a yellow (guess which one).

Their first report cards are below (pretty insane for Kindergarten) .




Tooth Fairy

Kai had a "shark tooth" come in behind his baby teeth. It was pushing his teeth apart. Originally we couldn't tell which permanent tooth it was. We gave it several weeks to make the baby tooth loose, but it never happened. The dentist ended up pulling both front bottom teeth. It wasn't fun but Kai did great.

It was an exciting time because the tooth fairy had never been to our house before.

Tooth fairy experience… Sierra woke up at 130 am to notify us all that the Tooth Fairy had come. She woke Kai up to check his tooth pocket (poor guy has been having growing pains in his legs, so he was crying when she woke him up). The entire family was in their room at 130am to see the evidence. It was a little anti-cliimatic for Kai. It took a bit to get them back to sleep because Kai was crying about his legs. In the morning, Sierra was certain she had seen the tooth fairy.  She said that the tooth fairy dropped her shoe and Sierra picked it up for her. Based on her hand sizing, the tooth fairy is about 6” tall, and is pink/blue/green/brown. Sierra claims to have seen her lift Kai's pillow to take his teeth and leave his money.



Kai's "Shark tooth" before the dentist took them out.


She said the tooth fairy knew we had 4 people in our house and that 2 of them were kids. 

It was really a non-event for Kai (he actually got kicked in the eye the night before in the pool and was still complaining about that in the morning. Jim talked to him again before they left for school to show him his money from the tooth fairy (he got one gold dollar and a $1 dollar bill for each tooth). He seemed excited to see the gold dollar (he thought it was a quarter in the middle of the night). He said he was having a hard time concentrating to be excited because his eye hurt.

When Jim dropped them off at school, Sierra went up to the teachers to tell them all about Kai's tooth, the tooth fairy, the money etc. Kai didn't get a chance to tell his story. She was excited to let everyone know that she "for sure” saw the tooth fairy and that she was nice.


Kai's showed us his holes after seeing Dr. Ingalls.


"We're ready for the tooth fairy." Memaw made a special pillow case to hold the teeth and we got a special holder for the tooth fairy to put the teeth in (after she left the money).


The teeth.


"Yeah - she's coming tonight."


Kai got a gold dollar and a dollar bill for each tooth.


Fall School Pictures

Below are our fall pictures from school this year.











Soccer was a lot of fun this fall. We lucked out and ended up in a really good league. Jim was a great coach and was able to teach the kids some skills but skill keep it fun.

Kai ended up finding his place in more of a defensive position. He really improved from the beginning of the season. Sierra worked on her "game face" mostly (she was very proud of how tough she looked). She wasn't the most focused (You'd never know it from the pictures), but she too, improved throughout the season. Like other things she does, she had fun and that's what was important.

Below are some pictures from the season.



















Fall Festivities & Halloween

It was HOT our entire fall season (up until the a few weeks ago). We tried to make the most of it. We went to SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular, the Zoo Boo Bash, went through a corn maze, had a hay fight and went to a Halloween party. Of course, Halloween was the highlight. Several pictures are below.



Memaw found Kai and Sierra some glow-in-the dark skeleton pajamas for Halloween.


"We made it half way through the treat stations."


Two cute pumpkins.




Sierra and baby Kyle.


Kai braved the the roller coaster by himself, while Daddy road with Sierra in the back.


"It's October and we're sweating."


Sierra posed with as many of the "characters" as she could.


Sierra as a cheetah, at the zoo.


Our scary lion and cheery spider.

We had a good time at the Winter Garden fall festival.


The hay fight was awesome.


"Take that, Kai."


"You're going down, man."


"Get Daddy!"


"We're ready to go do the corn maze."


The entrance to the corn maze was a big pipe to slide down.


The kids said it was fun. Daddy said it was hard on the bottom.


"We made it to the middle of the maze."


We did the kids maze first for practice. Kai and Sierra stopped at each of the stations to get a different color chaulk on their hands. At the end, the colors on their finger translated into their fortune.


This is the ariel view of the corn maze we went through.


"Come on Mom."


"We're almost to the end."


"We made it out!"


Our two fall cuties.


The pink and red power rangers posed in front of our garbage bag tarantula.


We had a blast at the annual Aliva/Sam Halloween party.

Sierra posing with her good friend, Alivia.


"I love my Daddy."


"Oh my, I'm scared."


Bobbin' for apples.


"I got it!"


Photos from our Halloween photo shoot







"Can we get this gourd instead of a pumpkin?"


"I think this one is a winner."


Our pumpkin this year was a combination design from Kai's and Sierra drawings.


Sierra's friend Mia came over to trick-or-treat with us.


Sierra hung with Alivia most of the night.


"What is that creepy thing on the wall?"


"Yeah - they had chochlate."


"Three cheers for Halloween."


"Who's candy bag/bucket is heaviest?"


"It was a good night."


"I love my Alivia."


Thanks to Dick and Cathy for manning the candy distribution while we went trick-or-treating with the kids.


It was a successful Halloween.



Kai and Sierra collected money for Unicef this Halloween. They collected about $25 each. They were very excited (especially Sierra) to collect money for "the kids with dirty faces who don't have clean water or food."



First Camping Trip of the Season

Luckily one of the first cool weekends we had, was our first camping trip of the season (our season being the cooler Florida months). This camping trip was a little more hectic than usual because we had to leave our site for a soccer game. Other than that, we had a blast. It was perfect weather for sleeping outside. We roasted marshmallows, had hot chochlate and went on several hikes (where we saw wild turkeys and deer). There are some pictures below.

















In addition to all the fun described above, we had lots of other miscellaneous adventures (see below).





We got the opportunity to go sailing with our good friends. The kids had a good time.


Sierra helped with the sail.


"Is it nap time? This sea air is making me tired."


Our friends Rob, Barbara and Grace.


On one of our last Disney visits (before our passes expired), we got to see the UP characters. Here Sierra is posing with Kevin and Carl.


We can't go to Disney without seeing the Power Rangers.


"Yeah - all the UP characters came out for a picture."


"Grandpa Dick" got married in August. Kai was the ring bearer and Sierra was one of the flower girls. It was a beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous church.




The ring bearer and flower girls.


Sierra looking sweet, during the ceremony.


We all had a part in the wedding. Jim was the best man and Carla was the photographer.

Dick, Kai and Sierra.




The Higgins' boys all dressed up.


Sierra loves riding roller coasters with Daddy (she won't ride with anyone else).


"I love this, but I think I'm going to throw up!"


Sierra and Stitch.


We went to dinner at the Epcot's Garden Grill for Mom's birthday!


They brought a cute little cake (and a card) to celebrate.




Daddy and Sierra acting silly.


Happy Birthday, Mom.




Kai and Sierra played this cool, virtual shuffleboard game at Epcot.


Kai was finally tall enough to ride the "big roller coaster" at Animal Kingdom. He was very excited (especially since Sierra was too short), however, it was a little intense for him.




"Having fun or terrified?"


"Yeah - Turk, another character."


Sierra and Goofy.


Kai and Sierra raced in a family run.


"I made it across the finish line."


"This race is cool - they have Shamu."


Sierra was a walking advertisement for all the vendors at the race. If anyone had a sticker or sign to put on, she abliged.


The T-Rex restaurant had their character at the race.


There was a Lynx bus that everyone was able to sign. Here is Kai's signature.

Sierra signed her name and drew a picture of herself (and the word cat). So their signature/art is travelling around Orlando.


Sierra and McGruff the crime dog.


We're not sure who this character is but who cares, it's a character.


Our first project for school was an animal vest (with an animal from South America). Kai's animal choice was pirana and Sierra's was a jaguar).


We tried out the new T-Rex restaurant.



We finally got rid of our toddler beds and made the move to big girl/big boy beds. We had to paint their old room for Kai.

Kai and Sierra helped paint.



Sierra's new "big girl fashion room" (as she calls it). It's very colorful. We've added some posters (Bolt and UP - her two favorite movies).



Kai's new Marvel Comics/Spiderman room. He has lots of Spiderman/Hulk/Power Ranger posters up. He's thrilled with his new room.


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