Monday, January 17, 2005

Well, we're all sick today except for Les and Sierra. Jim and Carla both have fevers of 101. Kai had a fever earlier of 103 but now it's down to 101 after some Advil. We've all started on antibiotics and are hoping to get better before our long trip home (on 1/20/05 at 1:30 AM).

The kids slept through the night - except they kept waking up with the same dry cough that Jim and Carla have. They would fuss for a little bit and then fall back asleep. Needless to say the evening wasn't restful.

Today we had to get the pictures for the babies passports (the ones we got in Uralsk were their visa pictures) and then go by Gulbanu's office to fill out some more paperwork. We were gone a couple of hours but it was too long with a sick baby. We hated to take them outside at all because it was cold and snowing. We have their medicals tomorrow and then a final meeting on Wednesday (so fairly short meetings) so at least we can try to recuperate during the day in the apartment.

After dropping us off at the apartment, Les went with Vitale to the Zoom store to scope out souvenirs. He got a few things we were looking for but we're hoping to go back (at least with Jim or Carla) prior to leaving. We'll see how we all feel - right now, it doesn't seem high on the priority list (but we'll regret it later if we don't bring anything back).

We're all pooped, so we're making this post short today. Enjoy the pictures:


Kai - not feeling so hot today.



Sierra is her normal playful self.


"Wanna a piece of me?"




Daddy is consoling Kai and Sierra is rolling all over the floor. She gets stronger and stronger each day. She can make her way across the floor by crawling, scooting, and rolling. She even holds her head when she rolls over so she doesn't bang it on the floor - great progress.

Jim and Carla filling out more paperwork in Gulbanu's office.




The great staff here in Almaty. They watched the four babies while we did paperwork.


Dilnoza took care of Sierra.



Undressing the babies for our visit.


Dilnoza worked as our interpreter in Almaty (the first time) and also met us at the airport on this visit.



"Hello Grandpa - he's always taking my picture."



More paperwork.



Zhanara (pronounced ZGNARA - ZH is pronounced like a Z and G together) watched Kai

Gulbanu - she asked Les what she should do when he told her he wanted to take her picture. He said "Say cheese."



I'm not sure what this lady's name it, but she has helped us with all the paperwork on both visits. She's very nice.


Leaving Gulbanu's office.



Les in front of the "mall" in Almaty (where the Zoom store is).


Les in front of the Zoom store (where he bought some souvenirs for us).



Vitale holding our souvenirs in front of the Zoom store.


Starting antibiotics. Luckily, Les brought us a thermometer so we didn't have to use the baby one.



"I still feel good - don't breathe on me"


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