Sunday, September 4, 2005

It was a pretty "normal" month for the Higgins' family. Our big event for August was swimming lessons. We took the American Red Cross Parent/Tot classes every Tuesday/Thursday. Kai and Sierra love the water and did well in the class. We'll continue to work with them on the skills they learned and maybe repeat the class in the future. We want to keep them acclimated to the water so swimming becomes second nature at some point.

We were invited to Avery Nagel's 2nd birthday party towards the end of the month (Avery and Sierra were in the same group at Baby House #1 in Kazakhstan). Sierra had a tough time at the party - she is the same height as the tables and kept knocking her head every time she passed one. Once she sat on the floor to play with Avery and Kai, she was fine. Avery is fond of Kai (it's really cute listening to her say his name). They gave each other a hug (and Kai gave her a smooch) as they parted ways. Avery was nice enough to share her balloons so Kai and Sierra had a big time in the car on the way home.

Around the house, Kai and Sierra reak havoc where they can. We have to make sure we keep the bathroom doors shut to prevent the toilet paper parade or toilet paper heap on the floor. It's also a fun game to throw things in the toilet (as well as splash in it, so toilet locks are in our near future). Let's not forget the dog water/food bowls --- these could provide hours of enjoyment if we allowed them to continue throwing food all over the floor and splashing the water out of the bowl. Basically, if we hear the two of them laughing hysterically, they're into something. And "stop" to them means, hurry up and play/make a mess before we get to them. You can't help but to laugh because they're so darn cute. However, we're better at remembering to shut off the rooms they shouldn't be in before we cut them loose.

Here are a few other miscellaneous milestones:

  • They both continue to talk a little more - Sierra more so than Kai. Also, Sierra has started making this noise which sounds like a guinea pig.
  • They both can point out many body parts (ears, nose, mouth, hair). Sierra likes to show her belly button.
  • Kai and Sierra both get up on the couches all by themselves and Kai has even figured out how to turn around backwards to lower himself down on his feet (Sierra still prefers to nose dive off the couch).
  • Sierra's hair is getting a bit longer - we actually were able to get a small pony tail on top of her head.
  • Kai seems to be developing the occasional aversion to vegetables - still sporadic at this point.
  • Sierra can now roll her eyes at us (not in a negative way - but she has the mechanics down).
  • Kai and Sierra "give love" to most anything. Kai gave the coffee table some love today and Sierra embraces most of the stuffed animals she comes in contact with.
  • They both give the occasional unsolicited hug and kiss and most always give them when asked.

Below are some pics from the month:


"I love the swings"


So close.. 2 seconds later, Daddy looks but Kai and Sierra moved on to looking at other things.

You can't see it in this picture but Sierra really had the dinosaur going fast. It's amazing how strong she is for being such a compact little girl.


"Don't mess with me when I'm on my duck!"



"I bet I can stare at you longer than you can stare at me."




"Can you believe that we both fit in the slide?"


"Watch out, here I come."


"My big girl shoes are slowing me down."


Cooling off in the hot Florida heat!


"I'm going to call whoever I want...what are you going to do about it"


"Can we move on to the fruit?" (Kai has developed the occasional aversion to vegatables)

Pawpaw and Memaw sent Kai and Sierra these cool new seats - perfect size.


Morning milk using the new foot stool that Ligia brought over (it was Ligia and Alexander's when they were little).


"Hey mom, look at me - I'm down here."


"How do you like this cool new face. Kai tries to imitate me but he can't scrunch his nose this good"


"Mama and Daddy took us to see the gerbils and guinea pigs at Petsmart." -- "On a separate note, check out my cool pony tails."


"I can almost touch him."


Attempt at Kai/Sierra picture but Forrest decided to do a "Drive-by Licking."


Ok - take two - "Cheese."


Kai's special toothbrush. He gets to use it when he visits Mama and Daddy's room.


"Look, my special toothbrush is purple."


"Party time.." Kai and Sierra were invited to Avery's birthday party. Avery was in the same group in Kazakhstan as Sierra. She turned 2 in August.


Avery and Kai throwing cotton balls at the sheep pictures (the big kids got to use glue for their cotton balls).


Sierra kicking the cotton balls all over the floor (one of her few happy moments - she was the same height as the table so she bounced off of them like a ping pong during the party).


2 Kaz cuties.


Bubbles ... wish I could communicate the high shriek that comes from Kai when he sees bubbles.. lots of fun.


"Mama, I'm pooped. And it really doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I played my entire nap today."


A birthday kiss for Miss Avery.


"We're going swimming.:


"Go, go, go" <-- she actually says this and does the sign at every stop light we are at.


Higgins family outing every Tues and Thurs for the month of August.


Blowing bubbles.


Swim, swim, swim.


Motor boat..


Hurray for the family changing room. It was always big time fun after lessons getting everyone changed and organized to go home for bed.


Cutie in a hood (just for wasn't actually cold enough for a hood but Mom missed those pictures with all the goofy hats from winter so she couldn't resist the head cover)


"Check out my pony tail - I look like Pebbles"



Couldn't you just eat her up... she's so cute (we're not biased at all).


Morning milk duty before work...What a Dad (although Mom just had diaper duty prior to this - she was cleaning up)!


Kai and I are big enough to climb on the couch all by ourselves.. watch out, the chairs are next.


"Sierra, what the heck are you doing...just relax and sink back into the couch like me."


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