September 30, 2017

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what went on.....Here are a few of pictures!


The photo diary is below:

Christmas Holiday


Everglades Camping Trip   Miscellaneous


Family Birthday (back to top)

We celebrated our 11th birthday this year. It was on a school day, but we managed to squeeze in dinner (at Chilis) and a movie, followed by a cake!













Paynes Prairie Camping Trip (back to top)

President's Day weekend brought another beautiful, long weekend to get back outdoors. We tried another state park out we hadn't tried before. We saw wild horses, bison, birds and alligators. We celebrated Valentine's Day there and also went up to see University of Florida for an afternoon since it was close by. Fun weekend.






















Soccer (back to top)

Another successful soccer season!















Kai's 12th Birthday (back to top)

Kai turns 12! He had group of his close buddies over to celebrate. They jumped at Rebounderz then came back to the house for pool, pinata (4+8=12), pizza and cake. It was a fun time!

On his actual birthday, we went to dinner at Kobe!
























Gamble Rogers Camping Trip (back to top)

For Spring Break this year, we went up to Gamble Rogers State Park in Flagler Beach for a few days. We lucked out and a beach location came available at the last minute. It was a little chilly/windy for the ocean, but the kids still managed to brave it some. It was nice being so close to the beach. We also went fishing and kayaking on the inlet side and some kite flying on the beach. Love the beach!
























Sierra's 12th Birthday (back to top)

The birthday caboose has arrived! Sierra is 12! She chose to go to Gators for her birthday dinner (same as every year). She had a few friends over for a sleep over (pool, pinata, pizza, cake) for her party and a few friends went to Rebounderz the next day to wrap things up.

























Mother's Day (back to top)

Mother's day started off with a nice service at church (where they gave us fancy cupcakes), followed by a nice day at the beach. It was a beautiful day!








Miscellaneous (back to top)

In addition to all the fun described above, we had lots of other miscellaneous adventures (see below).


























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