Sunday, September 24, 2006


Kai and Sierra moved to toddler beds September 1st. For 4 days, life was good. They both stayed in their beds, went to sleep right away and slept all night (except for a few tumbles out of the bed the first few nights). We thought we had lucked out.... until their "mental crib rails" came down. Once they realized they could roam, they took things to a new level.

You'd think it would be easy for two adults to stay ahead of two 2-yr olds (at least we did), but we were wrong. We did think ahead on some things (i.e., locked closet doors to avoid them being disassembled, changed the venetian blinds to a shade for safety reasons, put a baby gate at the door to keep them contained, locked up any lotions/cream etc). However, the rest we learned as we went - as they "taught us." Here are a few of activities during nighttime liberation:

  • Lock the door before destroying anything
  • Pull out all the diapers, clothes, sheets etc from the drawers
  • Dump all the stuffed animals out of the bin
  • Disassemble the diaper genie
  • Stand in the window (where they ripped the security sticker off)
  • Pull the shade so it would fly up
  • Open and close the door - throwing things out in between slams.

Night after night, we'd take more things out of the room until they had nothing left but their beds. The last straw was when they figured out how to climb over the baby gate and now "re accessed" all their stuff in the hallway --- Yikes!! They are smart/resourceful little people. We finally had to turn the door knob around so we could lock it from the outside (didn't want them to hurt themselves coming over the baby gate). This is the first night with the new door knob and in the closed/dark room, they are finally asleep within 20 minutes (prior nights the playing has gone on for 2 - 3 hours). Let's hope we're on to something. Here's a picture of their room with toddler beds.



Nags Head, NC Vacation - In July, we drove up for a family vacation in Nags Head, NC. We met Memaw, PawPaw, Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Kit and Hunter. We don't get to spend much time with our family so it was great to spend a week just "hanging out." Our friend, Marsha, brought Bud down for a visit (Kai and Sierra's Great-Great Grandfather). Aunt Bunny, West and Clay also came to see us for a day. It was a long drive to get there and back but we had a lot of fun.

More Pool Time - We spend a lot of time in the pool (it's still warm here so we're still spending a lot of time in the pool). Kai and Sierra both gained so much confidence in the pool since their swim lessons. We can actually sit on the side now and let them jump and swim by themselves (granted we don't go very far but they're perfectly happy playing by themselves sometimes). They can swim the length of our pool (which isn't very large) pretty quickly now. Memaw and Pawpaw also taught them to swim on the noodles (which helped increase their speed). Mom and Dad actually went away for their 10th year anniversary and MeMaw/PawPaw stepped in for us. Kai and Sierra wanted to go in the pool all day - so being good grandparents, they gave them what they wanted.... the pool. They swam after breakfast, got out for lunch, took a nap, swam before dinner, ate dinner, swam after dinner, got a bath, went to bed. Not a bad day for a 2-yr old.

Here are some pictures from the last few months...



Sierra wasn't as fond of NC beaches as she is of FL beaches. Our best guess was that the water breaks closer to the shore in NC which seemed to startle her (don't worry, we consoled her up right after taking the picture).

Her favorite thing was playing in the rain runoff from the condo. She could do this for an hour.


Daddy, Uncle Jeffrey and Pawpaw built a massive sand fort which the kids had a ball with.

Kai and Pawpaw making waves.


"How about a kiss, Daddy?"


You can't got to the beach without driving Go-carts. Kai looks very serious "driving" but wanted to do more as soon as we stopped.


Sierra waving to her fans.


Uncle Jeffrey telling Kai that he's "going down."


Smile big (Sierra and her cousin Hunter)


"Come on boys - let's see some teeth."


Kai tackling/tickling Sierra.


The cousins in the big Jacuzzi tub.


Sierra giving Bud a kiss (her Great-Great Grandfather).


None of us had ever been to South of the Border so we decided to stop on the way home. It was every bit the tourist trap we expected it to be - but a fun break in our trip.


The South of the Border "Pope" hats. Mama and Daddy didn't put them on the right way.

Kai modeling how to correctly wear the South of the Border sombrero.


Sierra was entertained for hours in the car, reading through the ABC catalog. We may have a shopper on our hands. The book is so big, she'd have to use her feet to keep it from falling on the floor.


Kai and Avery at her 3rd birthday party. They had a big, cool slide in the back yard.



They were also "partners in crime" swiping icing off the cake before we sang.


Kai taking Mama's picture with the underwater camera.


Add underwater photographer to the list of career possibilities for Kai.

Sierra doing one of her "big jumps."


Kai leaping to Daddy.

Don't forget to line the shot up before taking the picture.


The Higgins' family in our kid's meal hats from Firehouse.


Sierra loves any character she sees at a theme park. She wants to hug/kiss them over and over again.


Memaw taking Kai and Sierra for a whirl on the teacups at Seaworld.


It's starting to get a little easier to get 2 smiles at the same time.


MeMaw on the Higgins' exercise plan.


"Just a little closer and I can kiss him."


"I'm ready to go play in the sun."


"I'm going to wear this for my birthday this year" (singing birthday hat courtesy of Aunt Robie).


Future FL State cheerleader (courtesy of Kathy/Bill/Kerrigan) - they wanted to make sure she was geared up for football season. Kai got a Miami Hurricane's jersey but it's a little big (and he was too cranky to wear it when Mom was taking pictures).


"Do you like our new big girl/big boy pillows?" Memaw made the matching pillow cases.


Taking a ride across the pool.


"Hey you... come on in and stop taking pictures."


"I like my bed."




"Wait until you leave the room, I'm going to tear it up."


The Kazakh cowboy.


"Let me sing you a tune."


Family play time.


Noodle swimming.


I like to swim so much, I'm going to be Dory for Halloween.


And I'm going to be Nemo.


"One last time, say cheese."


We got Disney passes for Mama's birthday so we got to hug Minnie.


"Let's get moving - I don't want to smile."


Awesome - we got to see Rafiki from the Lion King. He was really furry and soft.

Daddy and Kai on the carousel.

Ready to go...

The Higgins' and "The Mouse."

The day was too much fun.


Aunt Robie came for a visit and brought us the big water totter.

Daddy's funny.

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