November 30, 2016

Goodbye Forrest!

It was a great Fall with the kids but super sad at the same time - we lost Forrest after 18 years. She was such a part of our daily lives, vacations and more. It is so strange and sad not having her around.

On a happier note, Kai and Sierra are doing well in the 7th grade. They still are playing rec league soccer and cross country on the school team. Our other big news was that they both were baptized (Memaw and Pawpaw were visiting so we had some family to celebrate with!).

Here are a few of pictures (including their 7th grade school pics):!



The photo diary is below:

Goodbye Forrest


MeMaw & PawPaw Visit
Soccer & Cross Country   Kai & Sierra Baptism
Halloween   Miscellaneous


Goodbye Forrest (back to top)

We said goodbye to Forrest on October 18, 2016... it was heart-breaking. She had been with us for 18 years. She had a great life and is entrenched of so many of our memories, we will never forget her. She struggled in those last months and we were grateful the vet came to the house, so she could go peacefully at home. She is represented in this website as much as the kiddos - so many great memories with our sweet girl!




8 weeks old when we got her from the Humane Society

Hanging with Kai


Her daily buffet (trying to get her to eat anything)

"Stop taking pictures of me while I'm sleeping."



She loved Daddy!


Bye-Bye Forrest - see you on the other side (we hope)


She is next to Leroy and Jasmine


Soccer and Cross Country (back to top)

Another great soccer season! Kai and Sierra both did Cross Country again this year too.



































Halloween (back to top)

Well Halloween was interesting this year. They both wanted to trick-or-treat at the last minute so they assembled homemade hodge-podge costumes. It was interesting!



Carving the pumpkin Halloween night

Mia and Sierra



Alivia and Sam


Kai - "The Karate Guy???"


Motely crew!


Already racking up quite a bit of candy.



Didn't hit as many houses as usual - but enough for tooth decay.


Our pumpkin



Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch


Never too old for Pumpkin Patch pics.




Getting so big and handsome.


Pretty girl.



These 4 are thick as thieves.


Love pics of my babies in the Fall


Memaw and Pawpaw Visit (back to top)

Memaw and Pawpaw came down for a visit Thanksgiving week. They got Seaworld passes so we were able to enjoy all the holiday decorations. We went there for several days, took Pawpaw camping, went on the Apopka wildlife drive (to see the alligators) and Blue Springs State Park (to see the Manatees)... in addition to Thanksgiving Festivities. It was a great visit.



Seaword decorated for Christmas.

The new penguin visit




"It's freezing in here."


Success at the games!



Great roller coasters here.


Manta is the best




Hanging out in the shark mouth


Kai taking a turn

Memaw took a turn by herself.



"Hey look - two fit in here"

Memaw and Pawpaw getting eaten by the shark.


First game success... but the small one is not enough.



We keep going until we get the big one.


Big fish #1



The Dolphin Show


Hanging out with the performers after the dolphin show.



The Jellyfish


Love the holiday decorations.


It was actually a little chilly so felt a little more festive.


Pawpaw babysitting the prize.


The free soda area for passholders


Shamu show.



Getting chilly.


Another picture with the big fish prize.



Pawpaw with the kids on the water ride.


Kai and Sierra on Manta



Camping in wekiva


Roasting marshmallows



When you don't want to carry your flashlight


Hanging by the fire.



Hoping to get lucky! (we didn't)



Dad, Kai and Sierra hanging by the campsite.



Hawk looking for lunch in the hood.


Went to the "cook your own pancake" place for breakfast



My monkeys


What you do when you're waiting for your food.. take pics


"Please don't break anything"


Lots of manatees out in the springs today.



Mama and baby.


Beautiful day.



Wild pigs in the woods.


Couldn't get a great shot but cool to see them out.



"I see you"


Run - the ball is coming your way.



Silly guy.


Nice form - not sure if it hit.



Sling shot glasses!


Will she make it?



Love our "woods time."


Ribs for dinner!



And love FL when it's cold enough for a fire.


Blue springs



Another day in the woods

"Come on Memaw, have a beer."



"Let's try fishing in this spot."


No luck here but it was fun trying



The wild turkeys are cruisin' around.


Turkey time!



We get "dinner soda" since it's a holiday.


Making hats!



Video game time - "Hurry and take the picture mom"


Cowboys time again!



Turkey Day Cowboys - a tradition!


Another day at Seaworld - Dad could come too.





The dolphins were hamming it up today.





Manatees having lunch



Injured manatees.


The sea turtles



Coming up for air.


More Manta.



Better holiday picture with Memaw and Pawpaw


More Manta - No Hands.



Kai and Sierra posing with Santa for Pawpaws calendar.


One more shot.



Seaworld holiday tree lights.


Sea of trees.



Memaw is a sucker for the games.


The pet show.



She's going in for the kill!


And we have our 2nd big fish!



Kai and Sierra with the living statue.


Sea of trees.



Nice Candycanes.


It's snowing! (bubbles)



Dad is the prize pack mule.


Having fun!



More holiday decorations.


Holidays are coming.





Riding Manta at night.



Girls at the manatee exhibit.


Higgins crew with all our prizes.



Bee close up at the wild life drive.



The bird was hungry!



Apopka Wildlife Drive








The holiday = Elf!



Ah - the decorations are up!


Feels like Christmas.



Kai and Sierra's Baptism (back to top)

Kai and Sierra were baptized by Pastor Eddie (their middle school pastor). It was a special day for us.












Miscellaneous (back to top)

In addition to all the fun described above, we had lots of other miscellaneous adventures (see below).


Sam's 11 1/2 Birthday Party at Saks

Kai at Darian's Dave and Buster Party


Darian and Sierra - 13th birthday party


Playing games


The girls hanging in the arcade


The party crew ready to eat



Happy Birthday Darian!


Darian and Kai


Kai and Sierra at the band concert


Kai and Sierra band concert


Kai ready to play


Our tubas



Two of the four tuba players after the show.


Kai, Hadyn, Jack, Kade, Ryan and Sierra with Ms. Heckford


Watching the Ring outside.


With glow in the dark claws


And carmael apples


Take a bite



It was actually a little chilly outside.


The Ring!



Warm enough for a little fire.


We went on a run in Wekiva and spotted some deer.



More deer.


Sierra got lucky in the claw at Gators


Football game at Gators


Kai - all A Honor Roll


Congrats Kai!


The All A Honor Roll crew.


Sierra going to Caylee's birthday


They went to dinner, the mall and roller skating in a limo.


Ready for the limo.


Jim and Amanda at Scott's 50th birthday party.


Liz and Kathy


Arlen and Bill



The party crew


Jim photo bombing



Bill and Kathy







Amanda and Scott





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