November 28, 2015

Zombies, Camping and More!

The fall kept us hopping. First of all ... middle school! Kai and Sierra love it all (except the homework). They have taken the new schedule and independence in stride and are thriving. We are really proud of them.

The homework load seems a lot heavier with 7 classes, but we still manage to squeeze in soccer and piano for extra curricular activities. During soccer this fall, we played with Kai and Sierra's age group again (versus kids a year older) so we had a better record. We also squeezed in some fun fall activities before the holidays.

Here are a few pictures!

The photo diary is below:

Halloween & Fall Festivities


Wekiva Camping
Soccer Season   Miscellaneous




Halloween & Fall Festivities (back to top)

Halloween and fall festivities are always a favorite. We don't have the cool weather but there is still plenty to do, to get in the holiday mood.



Carla and Sierra worked on a few Halloween crafts


Here is Sierra's pumpkin lantern.


Our Pumpkin pair.


Kyle and Kai at the corn maze.


Sierra and her friend Rachel at the corn maze.


We didn't get through the entire thing but we made good progress.


Waiting in-line for the Petrified Forest.


Kai next to this scary, weird thing at the Petrified Forest.





We survived - Time for an Italian ice treat!



The reality company had their haunted house again so we decided to check it out.


They had some good creepy characters while we waited in-line



It's almost our turn.


We survived another one - not as good as the petrified forest, but pretty good (especially for free).



Our annual pumpkin patch pictures.


Our handsome middle school dude.



Our pretty, grown-up girl.

"Which one should we get?"



"Let's get them all..."


"How's this smile, mom?"





The walking dead..



Kai and Sierra in costume for their haunted house with Sam and Alivia.


We went trick or treating until it got dark.



Freaky ... in costume and ready for the haunted house.


"Got me some candy."



"Just a few more houses, then it's time to scare people."


"Crazy excitement!"



Happy Zombie.


"Stop looking at me."



"Are we scary?"


Tickle time.



Trick or Treating out of our bucket.


"Whatcha looking at?"



"What do you want?"


The haunted house crew.



Mom shadows.


"Watch out.. here we come."



"Do I freak you out?"





The stars of the haunted house.





Soccer (back to top)

Soccer season was fun this year. We were playing against our own age group again so we had a better shot (plus the experience of playing up early last season improved our skills).

































Wekiva Camping (back to top)

We went on a quick camping trip in Wekiva at the end of Thanksgiving. It was nice weather and a fun, close get away.


Sierra was on jack duty.


"Ready, Aim..."




Our home for the weekend.


The Higgins' babies.


Forrest still in her Thanksgiving outfit.


Time to go biking.


Got a glimpse of some wild turkey.


Ready for a campfire.




Forrest is ready for bed.


Marshmallow time.



Good, ole game of corn hole.


Blinded by the light.



Forrest getting a lift on our walk.

We spotted a fox squirrel. It was really big and had a super long tail. We've never seen one before in all the time we've camped in Wekiva.


Our crazy girl.


Our old lady has some energy today... she was running! Not too bad for a 126 yr old.


Flowers still in bloom.


Sierra got Forrest to run (although she was a little slow trailing behind).



She's pooped out.


Run Forrest, Run!



Bird getting some sun by the springs.


Crazy kids, swimming in the springs.



Even though it was unseasonably warm for November, the springs are cold.


Can't go to Wekiva State Park without taking pics of a palm frond with the sun shining through.


This little guy was posing for me.


Peek a boo


I see you!


Just a regular squirrel.. posing for a picture.





Roasting marshmallows by the fire.



Scary story time, turned into funny story time.


Bye-bye Wekiva State Park - see ya next time!


Miscellaneous (back to top)

In addition to all the fun described above, we had lots of other miscellaneous adventures (see below).


Our Thanksgiving dinner cooking helpers! We had a quiet dinner at home with Dick.


We're ready to eat the turkey!


Sierra chilling outside with Percy under the tree.


It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without our blow up turkey.


It was so cold in the pool, we needed to make a fire to warm up.


I've heard of getting your feet wet, but this???

Kai had the opportunity of going to a Gators game with his buddy Jack.


Cary was kind enough to take pictures during the day and show us how he was doing.


The boys had big fun!


Yeah! Great game!


Sam and Alivia sleep over... and lego jello jigglers for breakfast.


We got to babysit Ellie (Jack's dog) while they were at the game. We decided to put her through a photoshoot.



Ellie the shark.


Kai at the first band concert.





Sierra is ready for the band concert - Tuba!



Beginning band is a big group!


We went the US Womans Soccer game with the Blackwells.



The Blackwells came in town to visit friends. It was great seeing them back in Orlando again.


Go US Woman's Team!



It was packed.


Grace waiting for the team members to come out to get a signature.



This was the best we could come up with for US colors.


Kai in all A Honor Roll. There weren't many people with all As. Kai worked hard for it - we are proud of him.


Smile Mr. Kai.


Our principal, Mr. McCants with Kai at the all A honor roll.



Sierra and Lilly at the dodgeball game.



Drew, Sierra, and Raymond at the dodgeball game.



Kai's got the ball.


Kade, Jack, Kai and Drew waiting for the ball.



Our dodgeball team - The Fireballs.


You're out!



Sierra's art project was chosen for a local art show.


Kai's 6th grade picture (not the greatest... especially the odd head tilt)


Sierra's 6th grade picture (again, not the greatest... same weird head thing)




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