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Birthday Season & Easter

As usual, our Spring was very busy. We start with Jim's birthday in March and continued for 2 months of festivities: Kai's birthday, Easter, Kai & Sierra's birthday party and Sierra's birthday. By May, we were all exhausted (at Mom and Dad were). There is a lot of pictures (as usual) to document every event, further down the page.


Kai and Sierra are both doing really well in school. Below are two of their spelling tests (they have them weekly). Kai often gets "6 out of 6." Sierra had not achieved that until the test below, where she got "5 out of 5" on the day she turned 5. She was very proud of herself (and we're proud of both of them).



Spring School Pics and Graduation Photo Shoot [top]

Kai and Sierra will graduate June 7th from Pre-K. The school took graduation pictures in April. Also, Mendy Indek (Willow Photography) took us on a photo shoot to get some cool, outside pictures in their cap/gowns. They turned out awesome and as usual, really capture their personalities.



One of many beautiful graduation pics from our photo shoot with Mendy Indek (Willow Photography). There are more below.


Kai's Spring school picture.


Sierra's Spring school picture


Kai's Starchild Graduation Picture.


Sierra's Starchild Graduation Picture.


Pre-K A (all boys) class

Pre-K C (all girls) class


Below are several of the photos by Mendy Indek (Willow Photography). Thanks Mendy!
















Kai's Birthday, March 19 [top]

Kai was SO HAPPY to turn 5! He woke up that morning and insisted he'd grown about 3 inches.

We had some friends over the night before his birthday to have cake. On his birthday, we had his "school party" in the morning (cupcakes at school), then picked him (and Sierra) up early to go to Disney for the afternoon. Since we have passes, they gave him a gift card for $67 (price of a kid's ticket) to spend. This was a BIG HIT!

When we got home, we opened his presents. He had a great day!


Dick, Kathy, Kerrigan, and Kyle came over to celebrate Kai's birthday with us.



Here are Kai's school party Power Ranger cupcakes.


"I love being 5."


Sierra was still in her "6 week no activity" period in this picture. This was her designated area to play in the shade (with a friend) during outside time.

Sierra enjoyed being invited to Kai's school party.



"It's your birthday!"


Kai won the lottery!


This was Kai's first big purchase. He'd been eyeing this particular outfit on previous visits.


Jungle Fury Red Ranger!


Here is Sierra with Lightening McQueen.


Kai couldn't wait to pose with the Red Ranger after putting on his outfit (although he opted to not wear the mask).


"We're Power Rangers, and you're going down."


"Zoom, zoom through Star Wars forrest."


They gave Kai a Disney Birthday Button.


Sierra was thrilled to find the Bolt characters again... especially since Mittens has joined the group.


Kai was happy with his loot. He only went 10 cents over (which he still owes Daddy).


"Kai, let me see what you got."




"Yeah.. I got a new big boy bike.. Ironman."


Our Leroy is Sierra's new best friend. He hangs like a sack of potatoes while she totes him around.


Kai's First Magic Game (Thanks Dick!) [top]

Kai was lucky enough to go to his first Magic game recently, thanks to Dick. Dick has been waiting to "take the boys" since Kai was a baby. They had a great time and it's all he talked about the rest of the weekend. He now even enjoys seeing them on TV and cheers them on.



Here are the boys tickets.


Here is a picture of the game from their seats.


"The boys" (Jim, Kai and Dick).


Kai got the privilege of meeting the Magic dancers... apparently he was flirting a bit with them.


"Yeah... they have snacks here."


"Go Magic!"


"They gave us these cool boom-whackers"

Here are the stats from the game.


Thanks Dick!


Easter 2009 [top]

Last year, we went to too many Easter egg hunts. This year we scaled back to only two (plus our own on Easter). Our neighborhood had their annual hunt, and we also went to the Hippity Hoppity Adventure at the Zoo.

We spent Easter with our friends. It was a beautiful day!



Kai and Sierra are all spiffed up for church.


Sierra is our pretty girl.


"How do you like me now?"


Sierra filled her bucket at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.


"I got more eggs than Kai!"


Kai wanted to be in the 5-6 group since he was 5 (Sierra was only 4, so she went with the 3-4 year olds). He was the little guy out there.


Kai filled his bucket (but didn't get quite as many as Sierra... shhhhh).


Everyone smiling with our creepy, neighborhood Easter bunny so they get a treat.

Bunny Kai - this was Kai's Easter outfit for his school parade.


Flower Sierra - this was Sierra's outfit for her school parade.


"How do you like my tail?


Kai and Sierra at the Hippity Hoppity Adventure with our friend Trevor.


Woohoo... Easter swimming.


"Jump big, Kai"


These were our Easter Egg dying choices this year. Sierra chose Kung Fu Panda and Kai chose Marvel Super Heros.


"I think this one is almost done."


"I'm tired, but still want to finish my eggs."


We left the Easter Bunny carrots in this cute little container.



When Kai woke up and saw our Easter baskets, he commented on the Ant Farm (that it was the same one we had gotten our friend, Jude for his birthday). We had to tell him that the Easter Bunny probably thought Kai would like one too.


We usually do a "plastic Easter egg hunt" outside each year. However, this year, Kai and Sierra started running around the house looking for where the Easter Bunny had hidden their hard boiled eggs. Mom and Dad weren't prepared for this, so Mom grabbed the camera (and helped Kai/Sierra look in the playroom .. where there were no eggs), while Dad ran around the house "looking" for the eggs.


"Thanks Dick.. We love our baskets."




"Run, I see another one."


"Uhhh, there are more."


"I got a ton of eggs."


"Check these out."



MeMaw & PawPaw's Visit (April 14 - 20) [top]

MeMaw and PawPaw came down for Kai and Sierra's birthday party. They arrived 2 days after PawPaw's birthday so we celebrated with him, which we don't normally get to do.

PawPaw painted the master bedroom and bathroom and MeMaw helped mom with the decorating. They were also a huge help with all our party preparation.

It was a great visit and we were grateful they came back down only a month after their last trip (because of Sierra's accident).

"Happy Birthday, PawPaw!"


PawPaw painted Mom/Dad's room. Sierra helped.


We had extra help licking the cake batter bowls. Cheers! (with the beaters)


"How do you like my crazy eyes?"


"Awww, the elephant is eating me."

"I'm walking the tight rope."


Kai and Sierra feeding the goats.


We had some time at the end of our zoo visit to play at the splash park.


"PawPaw taught us to fish."


"MeMaw put our birthday gifts in a bag the same size as me."


"I'm going to catch a big one."


"How's life, PawPaw?"


"Whoa.. I got a big one.. really"


Kai caught a 2 lb large mouth bass.


"Look, my whole hand fits in his mouth"


"I'm going to poke my fish."


"Ah... this fish is going to get us."


Sierra is wearing her "Power Stones."


Kai is posing as John Lennon with his Power Stones.



Kai and Sierra's 5th Birthday Party (April 18) [top]

We usually have Kai and Sierra's birthday party in between their birthdays. However, this year because of Sierra's accident, we had to delay it. We decided to have our party at the house this year. It was a Power Ranger/Bolt theme.

We made super hero capes and masks, then went on a "Bolt Cross Country Adventure to the Power Stone field." [THANKS TO OUR WONDERFUL NEIGHBORS WHO LET US TRAPSE THROUGH THEIR YARDS FOR OUR ADVENTURE.] We finished up with cake and a pinata.

It was a beautiful day out and everyone seemed to have a great time.




"We're ready for the party."


All the decorations are up.


"Let's make some masks."


We realized right before the party that the markers rubbed off of the masks so we sent PawPaw to the store to get little stickers. The kids colored the stickers and put them on their masks.


Sierra decorated her mask with mostly white stickers. She did decide to color a few. She often pretends to be Bolt, so we're thinking she was "staying white."


"Happy Birthday to us."


"We're ready to save the world."


Kai made a lot of dots for his mask.


We made capes (Thanks Memaw for making them!) and decorated them with felt lightening bollts, Bolt heads, and two different types of Power Ranger helmets.


The crafts seemed to be a big hit with the kids.


Here are several of the capes waiting for the glue to dry.


Ligia and Rebecca came (and brought Jello Jigglers... big hit with the kids)... thank you !


Here's Kai posing with his mask.


Kathy and baby Kyle.


"Kai and Sierra, you're cool."


Sierra is hanging out with her friend, Nia.

Alivia is ready for the adventure.


The boys were wrestling on the couch.


Trevor, Mason and Kai ... good friends from the boys class.


The capes are almost dry.


Daddy even wore a cape. He was the Adventure Tour Guide.


Kai decided to only put Power Ranger helmets on his cape (and Sierra did only BOLT stuff on hers).


MeMaw made sure everyone's name was on their cape so there was no confusion later.


Here is our Adventure map... guiding us to the Power Stone field.


"Where is the first clue?"


"Seriously, I don't know where the Power Stones are, Mom wouldn't tell me."


All along the way were footprints and Power Ranger helmets to make sure everyone was on the right track.


It was a task keeping 11 children organized, but Tour Guide Jim did a great job.


"I found a leaf." (Along the way, the kids had to pick up things and drop them off in other areas... leaves, bark etc)


"Look. I see a sign."


"We're getting closer, I found another one."


"There is another Power Ranger helmet"


"Hey, we have to jump down at the end of this path."


"Come on guys, we turn left up here."


"Look, Sierra, I think we head this way next."


"Alright guys. Let's look at the map and figure out where we are."


"Everyone look up and count the number of lemons."


"Kai, this is so cool, isn't it?"


PawPaw was the "head of the line" photographer and Mendy was the "back of the line" photographer.


"Ok guys, I think we're on the right track."


"Are we getting close?"


"Yeah, we found the Power Stones."


"Everyone, keep looking. There are a ton of Power Stones. We need to find them."

"My bag is getting really full."


"Our pretty birthday girl."



"Smile, everyone" (Kiyla, Mia, Sam, Alivia, Nia, Sierra, Kai, Trevor, Mason, Noah and Hayden)

"Cake time."


"Happy Birthday Sierra!"


"And Happy Birthday Kai!"


"I wish for....."


"Deep breath... blow"


"Who wants cake?"


"Jello jigglers and cake for everyone."

Sierra with her good friend Kiyla.


"You're going down, pinata."


"Whack it harder."




"This is a great day."


"My balloon head is as big as my shirt."


"My Bolt balloon is almost as big as me."



Sierra's Birthday, April 20 [top]

We celebrated Sierra's 5th birthday similarly to Kai's. We had her school party (cupcakes with her friends) and then left early to go to Disney. She had been looking forward to spending her birthday money ever since she saw how much fun her brother had with it.

We gave her presents the night before since MeMaw and PawPaw were still in town. She had a great day... even if it ended up raining on our Disney day.


Sierra's Bolt cupcakes for her school party.


"Yeah - I got a new big girl bike."


"Kai, thanks for my hoola hoop."


"Check me out... this is cake."


We couldn't find a Bolt bike so we decorated Sierra's basket with Bolt pins. It was the first thing she saw on the bike. Now she thinks she has a Bolt bike.


"Yeah, I got the Bolt movie."


"Oh me gosh... I got the Bolt characters."


"I love them!!!!!"


"It's party time."


Sierra got to stand up on her chair while the girls sang to her. Kai was supposed to be sitting beside her but had a meltdown when Mom made him sit with all the girls. He retreated to Daddy.


"I'm a big girl now."



"Woohoo, I got my own credit card."


"Check out my button."


Sierra's first purchase was this gigantic lollipop (she's yet to finish it).


Sierra's big purchase was her Mickey Mouse gloves, which she loves! She didn't finish all her shopping. Unlike her brother, she decided to save some and finish shopping on another day.


"Smile everybody"

Sierra chose to go to Animal Kingdom for her birthday (Kai wanted to go to Hollywood Studios).


We still had homework to do, even though it was her birthday. She did it in the car on the way home, using her new gigantic pencil.



Camping at Fort Wilderness (April 26) [top]

We went on one last camping trip before the summer (when it gets too hot). It was the weekend after Sierra's birthday. It was nice weather and a great weekend.

Below are several pictures from our weekend.


We've gotten spoiled staying at the State parks (where we get our own camp fire). At Disney, you have to come to the sing-along to roast marshmallows).



"I love camping."


The outdoor movie was Monsters Inc..


We left the movie a little early to watch the light parade and the fireworks from Magic Kingdom (which we could see from the campground beach).


Sierra is pretending to be Penny (from Bolt). She insists on stretching her socks way up her legs (Penny has on leggings that look like long socks... that's the looks he's going for).


Kai and Sierra found a TV to watch while Daddy spent his Disney birthday money.


"Arghhhh" .. Sierra used the remainder of her birthday money to buy this Chip n Dale hat and her hook hand.


Everyone liked the camp ground pool. The water was a little chilly but it felt good in the hot sun.


"We love Daddy."


"Give me a big squeeze"


Kai and Sierra enjoyed practicing their hoola hoop techniques before the fireworks.


"Alright, Daddy I can't hold you like this for long... you're heavy."



"Sierra, let me try.. you're right, he's heavy."



"Ever picked a horse's nose?"


We left Magic Kingdom by boat while the fireworks were going off. It was pretty cool.


"What a great view!"


Daddy and Sierra goofing off instead of going to bed.


Kai fell asleep on the boat ride back. He didn't move until morning.


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