Sunday, May 1, 2005 -(Last Weekly Post - look for updates the first Sunday of every month throughout the year)

This post is coming a little late because Sierra's has been sick. We've been very lucky - the kids have been so healthy since we got back to the States. On Friday afternoon, Sierra woke up with a fever - 103.5. We were at the doctor's office by Saturday morning to find out she had ear infections in both ears. We've been waking up every 4 hours at night to re-dose the tylenol/ibuprofen. She's a great "sickie" though. Other than the fever, she acts like her old self - she crawls around and talks etc. You'd never know she was sick.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go to the Central Florida Kazakhstan Picnic over in Tampa on Saturday. Sierra's temperature was down a little but we didn't want to infect all the other kids over there (plus if she decided to get cranky, it was a 2 hour drive back). It would have been nice to see all the other families but it wasn't meant to be, so we've had a quiet weekend at home.

Our weather has been beautiful. Last weekend, we went to a nearby festival and watched our friend Kerrigan sing in her school chorus. Sierra loves music and decided she would "sing" during the show (fortunately it was outside because she was very loud). Carla whisked her off so she wouldn't overshadow Kerrigan and her friends. It was funny. As soon as we'd get away from the music, she'd stop. So Carla tried to bring her back a couple of times, and she'd start back up. Her caregivers did say she was going to be the next Whitney Houston, so who knows.

It was a nice day and the kids were worn out - they fell asleep within 5 minutes on the ride back home.

The other big news this week, was Kai and his "independent steps." We don't know whether to officially call it walking but he will take 8 - 10 steps in between Jim and Carla. We don't have any pictures because we're always with him while he's in "training." He will even stop after a few steps and re-balance or turn slightly, then keep going. He's also fallen a few times and when he's in the grand finale, he'll just fall forward on one of us. He hasn't launched off on his own, but we think that's coming soon.

We've also been practicing with Sierra. She just likes to fall back and forth between us. If we hold one hand, she'll walk.

We also tried the big pool this week with the floaty rings (although they were a little big at this age). The water is still chilly. Kai loves it though - he wants to go in and splash so Carla went in with him. Sierra on the other hand is not fond of the cold. Poor thing shivers when we take her out of the bathtub so the 70 degree pool water was no fun. She screamed when we dipped her feet in there. We'll have to either wait for it to warm up or go to our friend Kathy's pool (she's got solar panels so the water is a lot warmer).

Here's some pictures from the week.


Sierra is getting so big.



Playing with the straps on the stroller.


Kai in his new helicopter hat.



"I'm going to poke you in the eye."


Daddy and Kai watching Kerrigan and her school Chorus at the festival.



Two pooped out babies.





Kai waving bye,bye.


Sierra loves rocking.



"I'm stuck - come get me."



Big boy sitting on the step.



Traffic jam.


The "Look" when you tell her not to do something and she does it anyway.



Truck races - much more space on the back porch than inside.


The big swim ring isn't slowing him down.



"How do I move in this thing?"


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