Sunday, March 6, 2005

Jim's birthday was this week, so we surprised him at work with a cake. Kai and Sierra wore Sponge Bob party hats to the event. It was fun and Jim was surprised.

Our big event this week, was Kai and Sierra walking without assistance behind the little push truck. Sierra went first and is very thoughtful in her approach. She paces herself but can make it across the room. Kai was a little unsure at first, but after we practiced a bit he was good to go. He actually took his first solo as more of a run (then he sits down - he has mastered getting up and then getting himself down this week too). We have another push truck and thought about having a race ... just kidding.

Kai and Sierra have both started to do a little "sign language." They wave bye bye when we leave and when they go to bed at night. We started to teach them some other signs like: eat, drink, bottle, stop. We'll see how that goes. So far they just take it all in.

Eating has turned into a lot of fun. Kai likes to get a mouth full of food and then spit it on you. Sierra laughs are him. We wear peas and green beans on our clothes now. If you tell him no, he shakes his head no at you. So we switched to saying stop or ignoring him - that seems to help. It's hard not to just laugh but we don't want him doing it at a restaurant.

Another great week - here are some pics:



We're practicing for the upcoming first birthdays. These are cool first birthday crowns that Dan and Karen gave Kai and Sierra.

Kai was helping Daddy open his birthday present.


"How do you like our big toy bucket?"


"I'm a big girl."


"We came to surprise Daddy for his birthday. How do you like my hat?


"I wish Daddy would get out of his meeting so we can show him our cool Sponge Bob party hats and the cake we brought."


Happy Birthday Daddy!


"We're chillin"


"What did you get?"


Sierra starts to walk with the push truck.


"Our Happy Birthday sign for Grandma Nancy"


"I love to clap"




"I love my Forrest"


"Can I help you?"


Kai starts to walk with the push truck.


"See all my teeth."


Fun day at the park - watching Daddy run with Forrest.


Sierra or Kai? Kai's hair is so long, we decided to see if we could make a pony tail - it worked... Maybe it's haircut time.


We thought we'd try a pony tail with Sierra also. As you can see, we have a ways to go.


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