Sunday, March 13, 2005

The weather was beautiful this week so we went on several stroller rides. The babies seem to nap better in the afternoon when they've had some fresh air. Normally we just stroll around on the neighborhood paths but this time we spent some time in the park. Kai and Sierra liked to swing (although you wouldn't know it from some of the poorly timed snapshots below).

Kai and Sierra continue to be very mobile. We practiced walking more this week on the little trucks. We actually tried to get them to race each other - that was a joke.

Kai and Sierra are both doing better in groups of people. However, they have definitley begun to associate themselves with us. When we're at someone else's house and they don't see us in the room, they get startled and cry. We've even had others that were visiting help with bottles at night, but they associate that time of night (and activity) with us, so they cry until we hold them. Even though we feel bad when they cry for someone else, it's a great sign that they're attaching to us.

Kai is starting to associate words with things. For instance, when Jim goes to work, he'll say "Da" and then wave bye. Also, we often tell them who they are and who we are (e.g., Daddy, Mama, Kai, Sierra - whiile putting our hand on that person's head). Now when we say his name or ask him where Kai is, he puts his hand to his head.

This week Jim had his first overnight business trip since we got back (his first trip away from the babies since we met them). Luckily, it was only one night, but it was hard on all of us. Our life revolves around the routines. At night, we're doing baths at 730pm and bottles by 750pm, then bed at 800pm. The baths would have been a little challenge for one person but manageable. Fortunatley, Kathy and Kerrigan came by to help - it made it easier on all of us. It was especially nice having the company.

Here are the pics from the week:


"How do you like me now?" [new, cool bonnet from Mrs. Muratore]

She actually kept the hat on for some time - it was really cute.


Jim and Kai (with his new baseball cap)

"I can see up your nose." [Karen playing with Sierra]


"What's for dessert?"


Believe it or not, they were happy to take a walk.


The race is on.


"Let me in!"


"Hold still...I'm coming to get that camera."


Kai on Instant Messenger with MeMaw.


Kathy and Kerrigan came over to help with bottles since Jim was out of town.


Kai finally decided he would drink from the sippy cup on his own.


Sibling rivalry. Kai stole Sierra's toy and crawled away. So, she decided she would go after him and take it back.


On a break!


Another stroller ride to the park. Our first play date (we met Mendy and Alivia).


Mr. Serious having fun on the swing.


Sierra - relaxing.


Kai and Sierra feeding the ducks. They stared at them the same way they do most people.


We packed our afternoon snack for the park.


Sierra digging in the diaper bag.


The Higgins' at the mall with the Easter Bunny. Kai and Sierra actually liked him/her - weren't scared at all.


Daddy and Sierra on the swing.





"Is there a weight limit on this thing?"


"I'm coming to get you."


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