Sunday, July 3, 2005

We started the month with Carla's dad coming back down to babysit while Ligia was on vacation. He did a great job and we all enjoyed having him back.

We've had a busy month:

  • Jim had his first Fathers' Day! It was a fun day and the kids enjoyed playing with (and eating) his wrapping paper.
  • We had our first post placement visit from the social worker- our 6 month mile marker.
  • We filed for readoption in FL (so Kai and Sierra will have FL birth certificates) and got our court date (July 13).
  • We separated Kai and Sierra for naps. They had started to play the entire duration (and were increasingly cranky on their "up time") so we separated them and it works like a charm. They take good naps now. They still sleep in the same room at night.

Kai and Sierra both continue to "talk" more and more. They try to repeat words we say and are always jabbering. We also started teaching them Sign Language this month. They are able to sign numerous words now: eat, drink, hi, bye, please, more, finished, go, yes and occasionally doll and bicycle. It's really cool to be able to communicate with them even though they're not speaking words yet.

The biggest news of the month is that they're both WALKING, WALKING, WALKING - all over the place. It's amazing. They've been taking steps for months now but all of a sudden, they figured out that could do it on their own and now they cruise around everywhere. Of course, we've had several falls with this but they get right back up and keep going.

Reading has increasingly become a favorite past time. Kai has actually found a favorite book (his dinosaur book). He finds it on the book shelf (even when we've moved it around) and pushes it across the floor until he gets to the closest person. Then he picks it up and shoves it in your face with a grunt for you to read it to him. Sierra is usually in tow to sit in for the story. And better yet, she spends more time flipping through books now than she does eating them - we're making progress.

We spend a lot of time in the pool and hope to start swimming lessons in August when we get back from our vacation back to VA/WVA.

Here are some pics from the month:


"Let me turn the page, Mom."


"I love rocking."


"This is how I get my pretty smile."


"I look like I'm brushing, but I'm just sucking the toothpaste off."


"Ok, we're ready for our ride."


"You're so funny!"


"You want a piece of me?"


PawPaw holding Kai for haircut #2.


Our little daredevil.


2 minutes away from standing up and having wagon privileges revoked for the evening.



Can you please stop taking pictures so we can go swimming?


The pool is awesome.


"Pawpaw came to play with us while Ligia was on vacation."


Snack time.


Swapping passies.


Higgins reading hour.


Our little sleeping prince.


Bath time continues to be a highlight of the day.


"How do you like my big ball Pawpaw bought me - it's as big as me."


Kai's legs aren't quite long enough to reach the ground, but he's up for a push.


Sierra is getting bigger but as you can see, she's still pretty small next to Daddy's size 12 shoe.

We found these cool car carts at Publix - makes grocery shopping a fun outing.


Mr. Cool (he actually likes wearing sun glasses - leaves them on when we're outside in the sun).


"How do you like me now?"



"You can't see it from this angle, but I'm getting pretty curls in the back."


Driving practice.


"Let's get moving."


More pool fun with the Elmo sprinkler.


Kai's new favorite book. We read this at least 10 times a day. He finds it on the bookshelf and carries it to whoever is closest for reading time. Needless to say, it's getting a little ragged.


Motor boat game..


Jim's first Father's day.


"This is fun."



"I need a hug."


Kai and Sierra watching their Sign Language video.


Sierra at Outdoor World - trying out the party boat.


Captain Kai.


"How about this boat, Daddy?"


Miss Sierra walking all over the place (after raiding the tupperware cabinet).


"Coming back your way --- watch out."


"I'm a cruisin' machine."


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