Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Fun !

We were all very happy for our Christmas break. It was a very long year at work with little break and with 5 months of school behind us, we were all ready. Mom took off the entire break with the kids, which was awesome! We had a great time at home as well as, on our annual holiday trip back home.

We all got in the very bad habit of staying up late every night and sleeping in each day. It was wonderful, but made it a challenge to go back to work/school (especially for Kai... who loved "living like a teenager").

A few of pictures from our adventures are below.

The photo diary is below:

Holiday Festivities & Christmas








Holiday Festivities & Christmas (back to top)

The holiday season leading up to Christmas felt short this year. We went on our annual Santa trip and went to Universal Studios several times (it was the last month of our annual passes).

Christmas Eve we went for Italian with Bill, Kathy, Kerrigan and Kyle, then on to an outdoor Christmas Eve service. When we got home, Kai and Sierra didn't forget our annual tradition to open one gift.

Christmas was alot of fun ... one of our most favorite days of the year! It started with an exciting, busy and EARLY morning, followed by lots of activity, eating and relaxing.


They are getting so big.

Our ice cream treat after seeing Santa.


Kai and Sierra dropped off their Santa letter after seeing Santa.


We decided to buy our tree this year. It was much sturdier than the pines we've been chopping down at the tree farm.


"Nice face Dad."


"It's time to decorate."


Decorations up ... check!


Fred, our elf had a good time this holiday. We found him one day in a toilet paper hammock in the tree.


We went to Universal Studios to check out the Macy's Day Parade.


It was fun to go to the park and see all the Christmas decorations.


"Check out my reflections."


"We're so tiny next to this tree."



"I can see all the people."


We got our picture in front of the big Macy's Scooby Doo balloon.



"Check out my bendaroos glasses."


Sierra's glasses were a little wide.




Giving Daddy a ride.


She's getting bigger but she's still Daddy's girl.


We caught a few characters in the park.


Sierra was almost as big as the Lorax.


These guys were funny. They kept tickling Sierra.


Our last one... the Cat in the Hat.


Watching Kai on one of the big roller coasters from the Parent Swap area.


Say cheese... oops, can't see Sierra.


There she is!


The parade was fun to watch. It had some of the actual balloons from the real on in New York.


Teacher Christmas Gifts!


Making our Christmas cookies.


The mantle decorated for the holiday. All we could find for Merlin and Leroy was the huge one on the right.


Finding the perfect Christmas Eve gift to open.


"I think this is the one."


"Woohoo - new music!"


"I got Enders Game books... yeah!!!!"


3 new KidzBop Cds.



Merry Christmas Merlin!


Kai cracked open his new book right away.



We are ready for Santa. Sierra left a note for Fred (it was his last night with us) and $1.


Close-up of Sierra's note to Fred.



Early, exciting morning!


Thanks for the Space Shuttle Jude.



Thanks Ana for the Minion movie.


Thanks MeMaw and PawPaw.



Thanks MeMaw and PawPaw.


Kai and Sierra's big present from Mom and Dad.



He shoots, he scores!


This is a happy girl... basketball in one arm, skateboard in another!



Thanks Mom and Dad - awesome Christmas!


Santa ate all the cookies.



Dick came over to celebrate later in the day.


Love my Purple Minion.



Check out my new Physics set.


Dad gave Mom a very cool gift... all our "key dates." It found a home on the way the same day!



She has only chipped one tooth so far :).


Check our my new roller blades.



The day after Christmas - we road bikes to Mcdonalds for breakfast.


We were all a little tired from all the festivities.



Kai and Sierra were hyper and jumping around on Christmas. Caught them in the exact same pose at different times in their matching pajamas.



Santa Visit (back to top)

Kai and Sierra were still up for our annual Santa visit. They made their lists and off we went to the mall. Of course a big part of our visit is the lovely photo shoot.

Our 2013 Christmas Card













Virginia/West Virginia Visit (back to top)

The day after Christmas, we headed back to Virginia and West Virginia. Our flight was delayed getting in, but MeMaw and PawPaw met us at the airport. They brought us an extra car so we could drive to WVA that night. It was awesome and saved us from having to rent a car. We had a short dinner visit with them and then hit the road.

It is always fun to go back. Kai and Sierra love seeing their Grandparents, many Aunts and Uncles and cousins, cousins and more cousins.

"Are we there yet?"


Playing with our new flashpad from Grandma.


Grandma's new deck and driveway.


Sierra found a bunny friend in the neighbor's back yard.


Another view of the house with the new deck.


She also found a cat friend.


A shot of the boys at the Mexican restaurant... our annual tradition.


And here are the girls... the youngest in Stacy's belly.


Congrats Ryan and Stacy... baby on the way.


More flashpad fun.


Aunt Nancy and Carly hanging out before their trek back to NC.


Happy cousins.


We got a lot of use out of these pajamas (our only warms ones for the cold weather).


Crazy face.


Grandma and Carly.


Sierra and Mom explored and found this old clunker in the woods.


Closeup of the abandoned car.


Fun with Black and White.


A macro shot of the dew on the berries.


After a few days in WVA, we headed back to VA. It was chilly out but a clear day.


Kai and Sierra helped feed the chickens.


Pretty sunset.


Video game time.


Dad being a good sport on New Year's Eve game night.


The kids got to draw a mustache and glasses on him.


It was the highlight of the night.


The end product. Luckily Aunt Kit had found a washable marker.


Firework time.


We had the left over fireworks from July 4th.


It was quite the show.


And no one got hurt.


"Get off me."


Welcome 2014!


Higgins' minus Mom.



Going fast in the mud.

Love this beautiful girl!


Dad with Uncle Jeffrey and Hunter getting the toys off the trailer.


Sierra's ready for Forrest to take her for a ride.


Dad is ready to roll.


Forrest - you're a crazy boy!


Smile everyone... then we can start riding.


Here we come!


Uncle Jeffrey taking a spin on Hunter's new motorcyle.


Slowdown Forrest!




Here they come again.


And there he goes.


We rode for several hours and had a blast.


Here comes Hunter on the big one.


Kai got to drive by himself.


Love our handsome boy!


Is he smiling?


Love this picture. Sierra wrapped around Uncle Jeffrey for a ride.


We love playing with Uncle Jeffrey's toys.


Dad and Kai upgraded to the big one.


So cute.


The cousins.


Hunter and Kai.


Our tomboy - loving her play time.


They are getting so big. Kai is really starting to get taller (people don't ask if they're the same as much now).


Mom's macro fun.


More macro fun.




Smile PawPaw.


More macro fun.


Uncle Jeffrey and Forrest taking a spin.


We surprised MeMaw for a belated 70th get together. She humored me by keeping the hat on for a picture.



Happy 70th MeMaw.



Amanda and Kaden.


We went back to the farm for more fun... and Aunt Bunny came.


Sierra got to drive this time.


Mom got to play with panning shots.


Forrest and Sierra decided to explore down by the swamp.


Uncle Jeffrey tied Aunt Bunny's lunch in the tree to tease her.


Another macro shot.


"Do you hear that?" (Love the symmetry in this picture.)


Miscellaneous (back to top)

In addition to all the fun described above, we had lots of other miscellaneous adventures (see below).


Kai being honored for All-A Honor Roll. Here he is with the principal.


The 4th grade All-A Honor Roll group.


Our first cross country meet of the season.


Kai had a good race.


Sierra working hard.


Sierra came in 10th in this race.


She got her ribbon at the awards ceremony.


Kai and Sierra with their friend Jack.


Jack, Kyle, Kai and Sierra.


Relaxing at Universal on Christmas break.


Sierra enjoying a special holiday soda.


"No, we're not twins."


Having fun at the Despicable Me Camera booth.


Kai trying to photo bomb Sierra.


And finally, all 4 of us ....




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