Sunday, January 30, 2005

The babies did great this week. Every day we can see them coming out of their shell more and more. They have both become very mobile. The other day, Kai and Sierra crawled from the family room into the play room on their own (going up and over a small step in both rooms). Luckily we have baby gates already so we'll need to contain them soon.

They are getting to know each other more also. They crawl over each other, grab at each other and take toys from each other - they're becoming true siblings. It's been so great to watch them flourish and become more comfortable with all of us.

Part of the week wasn't so fun. We had their first pediatrician appointment with Dr. Lacy - who was great. Sierra laughed during the entire exam but Kai screamed his head off. This was the first of a series of Dr. appts and tests for the week (blood work etc.). Dr. Lacy ordered a full work up on both of them so we could establish some baseline regarding their health (since we don't have any family history information). The blood work was awful. They restrained them to get the many tubes of blood and both of them screamed the entire time - it was heart breaking. The good news is that they didn't hate us afterwards and they took a great nap.

In general, the kids are both doing great. They eat everything we feed them and both have good appetites. They are still sleeping through the night from about 830PM until 630 or 700 AM. And Sierra has been finding her pacifier on her own at night so we haven't had to get up and "re-plug" her.

Our real test will be this week after Carla's mom and dad go back home and we start our routine. We have great support with our friends and neighbors but we'll miss having the full-time help.

Here are some pics from the week:


Sierra in the exercauser.



The Baby Einstein video is still a big hit so are the boppy pillows they prop up on to watch it.


Grandma dishing out the morning oatmeal.



Carla taking the babies for a stroll. We still had to bundle up a little but it's finally starting to warm up.


"Hold on, let me smack your head."



Sierra helping mom out with email.


Grandma and the babies.



"You want a piece of me?"


Sierra has gotten so strong. She crawls all over the place now.



"Peek-a-boo." Les was having a hard time getting pictures of Kai and Sierra crawling. He would lay on the floor to try and get an action shot but they would crawl after him to get the camera.


"Good lunch - I'm stuffed."



Sierra has started playing during meals. She likes to spit her food back on you (and laugh about it) and bite down on the spoon so you can't get it back out of her mouth. Meal time is fun.


"Give me that..."

"You can't have it."



Dick and Dorothy (Pops and Nonnie) with the babies and Putter.



Sierra's footprints for the baby book.




Kai's footprints for the baby book.



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