Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Kai's fever is down today but Sierra's is up so we started her on antibiotics too. They're very different when sick. Kai moans the entire time and Sierra is still pretty chipper. We tried to rest at the apartment most of the day.

Jim and Carla are still maintaining a fever of 99 - 100 so we're better than yesterday. Our only outing today was the US Immigration office to "check out of the country." We received their Kazakh passports and visas to enter the US (although they will be US citizens when we get to Dullus - "when they step foot on American soil."

WPA really has their act together. There was a waiting room full of people but our names were called as soon as we were up there - thank goodness for appointments. We didn't want to be out any longer than necessary with two sick babies (and a sick Mom and Dad). After we were finished, we went by the Ramstore to get some baby fruit for the trip. We don't want another hunger meltdown like we had in Uralsk with Sierra (although I'm still not sure that's what it was).

We tried to keep the kids in their routine with dinner, a bath, and a night time bottle (which was awfully close to dinner time due to our late appts today).

We're packing now and will be back up in 5 hours to leave for the airport.

Wish us luck... (didn't have time to post pics today --- sorry, we'll post when we're settled again).

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