Sunday, January 9, 2005

We were disappointed today to get to the baby house and find out that Kai was still sick. They wouldn't let us visit with him all day today. Apparently, he has the virus that has been running through the baby house - his fever was 38 C (which is 100.7 F ). His caregiver held him up so we could see him and wave to him - but that was as close as we got. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll have a chance to visit with him tomorrow.

Sierra is almost back to normal. She gets very excited to see us and has a lot of energy in the morning. We had our visits today in the Music Room (where we saw the toddler New Years play last week). It is a much bigger room with hard wood floors and much cooler. It was nice to spread out for a change. We did watch Sierra carefully so she didn't do a face plant on the floor (since there was no real padding on the floor in this room).

Our only real excitement today was when Sierra bit her own thumb and started wailing. Hopefully the "cause and effect" principal sets in and she doesn't do it again - if not, she'll continue to learn the hard way.

We did get to meet with the doctor today regarding Kai and Sierra's medical history. As expected, it's very sketchy but we got what we could and the children are in good health (aside from the crud going around). They get weighed every 10 days so we should have updated weights for them tomorrow.

Court is in two days so we have our meeting tomorrow night with Olga and Assia to prep. We're getting close to the end of our days in Uralsk, so we'll do the last of our running around this week.

A good, but routine day...

Here are the pics:


This is as close to Kai as we got today. He apparently has a fever of 100+ and wouldn't eat anything so they wouldn't let us see him today. Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow. This nice caregiver at least held him up so we could wave to him.



Sierra and one of her caregivers.


Look - no hands...



Daddy, you need a hair cut.


Sierra can't let a visit pass without checking out her twin in the mirror.


Dancing baby.


Sierra is happy to get her clothes off - putting them back on is another story.



A tag team effort - she hates getting dressed.


Note to future families - go to the restroom at home. If not, this is what you'll have to use at the baby house.



Carla interviewing Dr. Alfira about Sveta and Erkin's medical history. Assia translated since Masha took the day off.

Keely and Carla at the Dixie Pub



Sierra and Anna getting changed together before our visit. (I'm sure the caregivers really appreciate us getting them both excited while they are trying to change them)


Almost got it... Sierra loves to chew on tags.



I have Mom and Dad all to myself.


Jude is back to 100% and SMILING!



Anna's ready for a nap - using Daddy's arm as a pillow.


Let me see in your mouth.


I'm trying to stuff the pacifier up my nose, but it doesn't fit.

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