Monday, January 3, 2005

We're winding down after another day of visits. Jim and Carla are not feeling 100% (some minor sinus issues) so it was a low-key day. The streets are still pretty bare. We learned from Masha and Assia that most people have off work until 1/10 for the New Years holiday and many people celebrate through 1/14 when the old year ends and the new year officially begins. That's quite a long party season.

It was 5 degrees F here today but sunny - which was nice. The city really does have a different feel when the sun is out. Most of the buildings are a gray color so when it's overcast, it's so drab.

As usual, our "work day" revolves around our visitations. We arrived this morning and Jim and Carla went upstairs to unpack and get Kai. Kai was in his walker and scooted right to the door with a smile for us to pick him up. Les came up shortly after, with Sierra. He went to her room first so he could get a picture of her in her walker (usually by the time we go get her, they have her up for changing). When Sierra sees Jim, Carla or Les, she starts bucking and shaking her hands in excitement. Natasha (the caregiver) really gets a kick out of this and now thinks Les is Sierra's favorite. We think Natasha is just sweet for Les.

Natasha did tell us today that Sierra's crib and Anna's crib are close to each other. She said they are always playing when it's time to go to bed. They toss their pacifiers back and forth, pull off the sheets etc. Anna and Sierra are very similar in disposition, so I'm sure they're a trip to watch together. Another funny anecdote - after Natasha told us this story, she went and got another cute little girl (with hair like Anna) and told us this was her favorite baby. Imagine our dismay to find out Sierra wasn't the favorite. It was really funny - obviously something we would never do in the States but it's different here.

After our visit, we had Igor drop us by the bakery for lunch. We grabbed a couple of meat pastries and headed back to the apartment. Jason and Keely had their city tour today so we didn't go to lunch together. We rested at the apartment after that, waiting for our 2:15 pickup.

The kids were in a good mood this afternoon. We played with them pretty hard until 3:30 and then started to wind them down so they'd be ready for their nap at 400. You'll notice Kai in a pretty pink outfit. When we arrived, the caregiver asked if we had another outfit because he'd messed his pants and needed changing. Jim and Carla failed "Parenting 101" - we did not have another change of clothes with us. They were kind enough to put him in another outfit they had - which was a pink with bunnies. The caregiver was very nice about it - but we promised to keep an extra outfit with us from now on.

Here are some pictures for today:


You may not be able to see because of the glare, but we looked up at the apartment above us this morning and saw a string of fish hanging in their kitchen - I'm sure it smells great up there.




Passing Phillipivich, Jason and Keely on way to morning visit - eat our dust.


Sierra in her walker this morning (Carla's favorite color - green).


Give me a kiss


2 youngest Higgins' (by the way, she's squealing in his ear and he's Mr. Serious, as usual)



Daddy found a new toy on the shelf (and it has strings so it was a big hit)


Anna was happy this morning



Jude is feeling much better. Here he is with Jason looking out the window


Natasha, one of Sierra's caregivers (and the one that inquired about Les' intentions in Kazakhstan). She is great... we think, at least in part, Sierra developed her lively personality from all the time she's spent with Natasha over the last several months!



Kai studying Mama blowing raspberries at him


The price you pay for a smile..



Good morning.

Hi Daddy.


Let's do it together (flicking our lips while blowing raspberries)



Who's the boy and who's the girl? Kai had an accident today after our morning visit and the caregiver asked if we had another outfit for him. They were nice enough to put him in an outfit they had and we promised to bring extra from now on. The only outfit they had was this pink bunny suit - he's looking very manly.



Grandpa's getting my belly


Sierra finally gets Grandpa's glasses.


They're a little big for me - maybe I'll chew on them.


More fun



Look at all my teeth - We're lucky... she wears this smile about 90% of the time!


Kai winding down - sucking his thumb


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