Sunday, February 27, 2005

We don't have huge news to report this week. Kai and Sierra are doing great. They are both mastering their ability to pull up and fall down off of EVERYTHING! They're tough though - they get right back up and keep on going. They continue to verbalize a lot and we think are even associating some words with things (e.g., Kai when talking to Jim on a few occasions said Da).

We spend a lot of time in the playroom where Kai and Sierra can be "free." This week, we spent quite a bit of time outside since it was so nice (which was a good thing, since it's been nasty this weekend).

Enjoy the pics from the week:


It was so nice this week, we played some outside on the porch



Sierra gyrating in the exersaucer after Forrest licked her.


There's a smile!


You're so funny...


Another raspberry, please!

Kai loves to blow raspberries. We're wishing we didn't teach him. He's now famous for spitting at people behind us in line at stores (not everyone thinks it's cute).


Story hour - we went through about 10 books today.




"These spinning things never get old."


Sierra figured out that she could use the sippy cup all by herself by laying on her side (helps support the weight of a full cup).



Snack time...yogurt mouths.


Sierra and Forrest love playing with each other.



"I'm stuck." Kai is good at getting himself up and even holding on with one hand but he usually wants help getting down.


Giddy up!



"Stop taking pictures and play with me."


Doubling up at bath time.



Kai is quite the "swimmer." He kicks so much, it soaks Jim (check out his wet shirt).


Kai's new favorite toy - a Maxwell House coffee can. Cheap but loads of fun to roll across the floor and chase.



"Cool, another spinning thing that makes noise."


"New cool bib from Aunt Sue - guaranteed to catch all the food I drop in my lap"



"I'm using mine to carry things around.


Don King or Kai?

"Mom loves putting hats on me... and I like to immediately rip them off."

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