Sunday, February 20, 2005

Have we mentioned yet that we're having a blast with the babies??? We are truly blessed (I'm sure we've mentioned this on every page since we've gotten back - but we never review the past pages before writing these .. so excuse the duplication).

Little Sierra was standing on her own last week, but Kai was not far behind. He started pulling up at the tail end of last week but was still a little unsure of it all. This week, we went in to get him up from his nap and he was standing in his crib. Now we've got two of them doing this. It's a lot of fun to get them down for a nap. You lay one down and turn around to the put them other one down, then turn around the first one is standing up, then you put that one back down, then turn around and the other is standing up.. you get the picture. We finally just leave the room and let them be. Eventually, they fall asleep laying down, so they manage ok on their own.

Needless to say, Kai and Sierra's favorite thing to do this week was to pull up on everything (the furniture, us, etc.). It was fun to watch in all rooms but the kitchen. When they started pulling up on the high chairs and table chairs, we got nervous -- didn't want any cracked heads on the tiled floor. The playroom is great because they can pull up on anything and then just fall down, roll over and start again.

We had a great visit with Grandma Nancy this week. She has been with us for 2 weeks and leaves on Tuesday. She's been a great companion and helps with the babies. We'll be sad to see her go.

One day this week, Nancy and Carla took the babies into work to see Jim. We actually put clothes on them instead of the usual pajamas we stay in all day. Sierra wore her first dress - she looked really cute. Kai wore a new outfit Grandma Nancy had bought him (it was 24 months and fit him well - it's amazing how deceiving sizes can be).

Another great week! Here are some pictures:


Our happy family - minus mom (who's always behind the camera)


"Mom, Daddy's tickling me again."


"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."


Just hanging around.


Forrest loves the babies. Here she is giving Sierra a big wet kiss.


Story time.


Sierra loves her sippy cup.


Look close.. Kai is hogging the armrest. He actually laid his hand on Sierra's leg. She picked his hand up by it's sleeve and threw it back at him.


Strolling along..

Kai is a little slower taking to the sippy cup. He'll take it if he's really thirsty but mostly still likes the bottle.


Kai with his Valentine's day pillow from the Acevedos


Sierra with his Valentine's day pillow from the Acevedos


Sierra at bottle time after not having an afternoon nap - she almost fell asleep on Grandma Nancy.


Bottoms up!


Big day at the office.


I love Daddy!


Grandma Nancy and Sierra - This is the first time Sierra has worn a dress (Grandma sent it to her several months ago).


Look - Kai knows how to blow raspberries now..


Pretty girl. Check out her sandals.


Our little lady crawling under the conference table.


"Let's call Kazakhstan. Do you know the number?"


"I still like to study things."


"I still like chewing on things."


"I like Kathy and all, but can you move so I can see the TV?"


We walked in to see Kai standing in his crib this week. He was very proud of himself.


Playing on the changing table.


In sync.


"Almost got it...Just a little farther.."


"Check out my belly."


"There's that cat again."


This is a normal site when we get Kai and Sierra up from nap time. They are both standing in their cribs talking to each other.


Kai in the tight hat Mom made him wear for this picture.


Sierra in her Weebok outfit and Nike hat.


"Get this thing off of me."


We can get them to sit still for a minute when they're wedged in the back of the leather couch. Hopefully, we'll be able to get more pics of them together.


"Hey - you look goofy in that hat.. You do to ...Don't they know we live in Florida?... What are we wearing hats for anyway.."


"Enough with the pictures already.."


Big boy..

Sierra in her purple shirt, cool jeans and nike shoes.


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