Sunday, February 13, 2005

We finished the first full week of our new schedule. Carla has Tuesdays and Fridays off at home with the babies and Jim's "Dad days" are Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Ligia watches them the remainder of the time. As much as we enjoy our work, it doesn't hold a candle to spending time with them. It's amazing how life now revolves around seeing/making them smile and laugh.

Visit with Dr. Lacy

We had our follow-up doctors appointment this week. The babies both got a clean bill of health (all the vaccinations the baby house stated they'd received had definitely been administered). Kai and Sierra both gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks (10% of their body weight). Dr. Lacy had instructed us to increase their protein intake so they'd put on some weight. He was amazed at how much they put on (although if you hold them, they feel much heavier - especially Kai). Our last order of business before leaving the office was to have 2 vaccination shots (which after getting their blood drawn, was a piece of cake).

We did have to take Sierra back for one more tube of blood since they didn't take enough the last time. Luckily, it only took a finger prick. The worst was stopping the bleeding. She didn't care much for having her finger held for that long (consistent with her aversion to restraint).


Another big milestone this week was when Sierra stood on her own. Jim was home with them on Monday afternoon. When he went to get them up from their nap, Sierra was standing in her crib. Needless to say, he was a little freaked out and worried she would fall. She has been very brave ever since. She pulls up on everything and seems to have no fear. Along with the standing, there have been the expected falls, but nothing major. She usually rolls right over and laughs then is off again.

Towards the end of the week, Kai pulled up on the exersaucer all by himself. We were rooting him on and he was quite happy with himself once he was up. Later we got him up from his nap and he was holding on to the side of the crib on his knees (we're expecting him to pull up all the way soon).

Nap time

Nap time continues to be the "unofficial playtime." The babies are rested when they get up, but they play more than sleep. The doctor said it is good for them at this stage. They talk to each other, throw their pacifiers at each other and play with their mobiles. They really seem to be bonding more which is awesome to watch.

Newest visitor

Jim's mom got in town this week and will be with us for 2 weeks. She's enjoying the babies and we're enjoying having the extra help.

Here are some pictures from the week:


Daddy and Kai chillin' on the playroom floor.


"Tickle me again Daddy."


"Come on, give me a kiss"



"So, Forrest - how's your day going? Are you ready for afternoon snack time?"

Kai and Sierra at their first art festival (Mt. Dora Art Festival)




"I love to walk."


Kerrigan holding Sierra.


Kai is very ticklish.


Kai and Bill watching the Superbowl. Kai was routing for the Patriots.



Sierra is anxious for Kai to get out of the tub so she can have her bath.


"Hi Leroy." Sierra finally discovered her cats.



On Monday (Jim's first "Dad day" - watching the kids by himself) Jim walked in after nap time to see Sierra standing in her crib. She's been quite brazen every since - no fear.


Sierra (in blue) and Kai (in yellow) fell asleep in the jogging stroller - rough life...



Dick manning the stroller with our two angels.


"I didn't do it officer..." Sierra started standing this week, so she pulls up on everything.



Daddy is dishing out dinner tonight.


Dr. Lacy examining Kai at our follow-up visit (huge difference from the screaming last time).



Sierra ripping the stethoscope out of Dr. Lacy's ears.


We picked Grandma Nancy up from the airport on Wednesday.



"Dad, I think I need a smaller hat."


"Grandma, get this thing off my head."



The new pool fence.


Kai standing on his knees after nap time. I'm sure we'll see him standing soon enough (he actually pulled up on the outside of the exersaucer today).



Sierra peeping at Kai.


Another attempt at a nice family photo. Kai was too busy stealing Sierra's pacifier.



Happy boy in the car seat.


Sierra taking her only nap of the day.



Grandma Nancy multi-tasking.


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