Sunday, August 7, 2005

July was another hectic month. Here are a few highlights:

  • 4th of July weekend
  • Kai and Sierra's readoption hearings
  • 15 month pediatrician appointment
  • Trip back to VA/WVA to meet the family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.) and attend their first wedding (their cousin Seth)

Our readoption hearing was successful and we've since received both Kai and Sierra's new birth certificates (from the State of FL). The hearings were very brief and routine. Both Judge Simmons (Kai's judge) and Judge Perry (Sierra's judge) were very nice and posed for pictures with us after granting our readoption. Our only drama from the day was that Miss Sierra decided to make herself throw up on the way to court. Approximately 9 ounces of curdled milk went all over her and the car - you can imagine the smell. Of course there was no time to go home and we didn't bring a change of clothes (lesson learned the hard way). You could smell us coming a mile away and we had to give the "we stink" disclaimer before posing with the Judges - they were nice about it though.

Kai and Sierra's 15 month checkup with Dr. Lacy went well. Kai is up to 24 lbs and Sierra weighs 21 lbs. They did a little better on this visit and got a clean bill of health. They did get 4 more shots (supposedly the last ones until age 5), so we ended on a bad note. Fortunately, Ligia came with us, so she was able to trade off with Carla. This way Kai and Sierra didn't have to watch each other getting shots.

Our trip back to VA/WVA started a little rocky (this was our first plane trip since returning from Kazakhstan). The plane was completely full so they had to separate Jim and Carla because there weren't enough oxygen masks for 3 adults and 2 children. Even though the flight was during nap time, neither Kai or Sierra slept much (after bucking and flailing around - knocking the ladies drink over next to us, Sierra slept for about 15 min. Kai never slept). Once we were on the ground again, they did great. They were a little clingy towards the beginning of the trip (when MeMaw and Pawpaw had a pool party so everyone could meeting Kai and Sierra) but by the end of the week, they were letting others hold them (which was a great break for Mom and Dad). They were troopers. We stayed at 3 different houses across 10 days and they actually took naps (most of the time) and slept all night through the entire trip. They even did good on the 5 hour trip from VA to WVA (after we figured out that we needed to stop about every 2 hours to give them a break and let them run around). On the plane trip back to FL, we had the middle seat in addition to ours, so it went much smoother (but still no naps). It was great to visit with everyone, but nice to get back in our routine at home.

Since we've been home, Kai and Sierra seemed to have had some "acceleration" in a few development areas:

  • Instead of walking - they break into a run (sort of)
  • Kai now climbs up on the furniture
  • Sierra likes to climb on top of the rocking horses and rock with no hands (she has amazing balance)
  • Some new games include: splashing in the toilet and taking all the toilet paper off of the roll; or "robbing" the crib of the passies and stuff animals that are only supposed to be used at naps/bedtime
  • Communication is much more directed. They both continue to use sign language and if they don't know a word, they'll say "please" or "more" and point to what they want. Sierra is saying a few more words (she says go, go, go while doing the sign for go; she also says dog - sounds like "gog"). Kai still prefers to sign/point/grunt - but we usually can tell what he wants. We're still working with both of them on verbalizing words in addition to the signs. Although we'll miss the frantic please/more/yes combo signs when Kai really, really wants something (usually involves food).

Here are some pictures from the month (sorry so long):


"Wait up."


"There is water coming out of this thing..."


Daddy and Kai outside of Judge Simmon's courtroom - waiting our turn for the Readoption hearing.


Our adoption is final again. Now Kai will be able to get a FL birth certificate.


Mama and Sierra outside of Judge Perry's courtroom - waiting our turn for our 2nd readoption hearing.


Sierra's readoption is final. Judge Perry posed with us (we put Sierra on the outside so he didn't have to smell her "sour milk perfume").


Kathy and Kerrigan babysat. Kerrigan has the magic touch. Kai hasn't fallen alseep on Mom or Dad like that since Kazakhstan.


Kai and Sierra with their VA cousins (Jonathan Michael, Jessica and Hunter).


Playing in Hunter's room before Kai and Sierra's first sleep over (it was Hunter's first sleep over too).


Sierra with Aunt Bunny.


Carla, Sierra and Bud (Sierra's Great, Great Grandfather).


"Let me have that camera..."


"I love swimming with Pawpaw."


"This grass is softer than ours at home."


Picking corn at Uncle Jeffrey's and Aunt Kit's.


"Mmmm, I love raw, dirty corn."


On the way to the river.


Visiting Mr. Wayne's chickens and rabbits.


"Just a little closer and I can touch it..."


Driving down to the pier.


"For a Great, Great Grandfather, you're a funny guy."


"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."


"Uncle Seth's party if pretty fun."


"Uncle Ken, can I pull this hair out?"


Kai with Aunt Sue.


"This chair is just my size."


Kai is slow to wake up from his nap.


"I love corn on the cob."


"Check me out - I can do it myself."


The Higgins' at the VA Zoo.


"Stop tickling me..."


"I'm ready to walk again."


Kai and Sierra with their big cousin Hunter.


Daddy and Sierra in the bubble watching the prairie dogs.


The cows were particularly funny on this day.


"What's this thing?"


"Let's buy one, Mom."


"Can you see me now?"


"Hey Mr. Pat, can you let Mick (the dog) play with us?"


"Grandma's hosing us down - run..."


"Grandma's pool is fun."


"Look at my muscle tone - and I don't even work out."


Grandma and Sierra.


Uncle Mike and Kai. Too bad Kai didn't have his cool glasses too.


Aunt Allison gives Kai his 3rd haircut (unfortunately, he wasn't in a "haircut mood.")


"I'll point at you and you point at Mama."


Snack time at Grandma's.


"It's time for Seth and Ginny's wedding - let's go make some noise."


"How cute am I?"


Kai and Sierra weren't in the mood for a group shot.


"They managed to scrounge up one high chair for me. How do you like it?"


Dancing with Cousin Amanda and Daddy.


Slow dance with Mama.


"I like my cousin Ryan's whisker head."


Posing outside the IHOP with cousin Ryan (stationed in VA Beach with the Marines - training and awaiting his orders).

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