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Spring is busy for us (2nd in line to the Christmas holidays). We start in March with Jim's birthday, followed by Kai's birthday, Easter, the birthday party (Kai and Sierra have a combo party in between their birthdays), and finally Sierra's birthday. It's a fun time of the year. There are plenty of pictures to tell our story. Below are links to our "picture categories" from the last few months.

Kai's Birthday


The Party

Sierra's Birthday

Formal Photo Shoot



Kai birthday, March 19th (top)

Kai was very excited about his birthday this year. He was also excited to be "a year older" than Sierra (if only for a month.. it was a glorious month for him). He called his actual birthday, his "1st birthday" and the party his "2nd birthday." He briefly thought that he'd turn 4 on his 1st birthday and then 5 on his "2nd birthday." It took some explaining to convince him he needed to be 4 for an entire year before he could turn 5 years old.

He asked Mommy one day, "How come I get 2 birthdays and Daddy only gets one?" He's a very perceptive little boy. Here are some pictures of our celebration of his "1st birthday."


Mom made Kai Spiderman, cupcakes for his "school party."




Even though he is very quiet at school, Kai was very proud of his Birthday Boy button and cake hat (thanks Aunt Robie), as well as all the attention he got.


Kai and Sierra's teachers let Sierra come to Kai's class party (they're not together any more, so it was nice to let them celebrate together).

Happy Birthday Kai!


Kai chose to go to Birthday World for his birthday. They have indoor rides and bounce houses. He had a big time on the roller coaster.


Kai liked driving Sierra on the Flying Banana.



"Come on Daddy, let's win some tickets."


"Do we have any more tokens left?"


Kai and Sierra twirled mom until she was nauseous.


"No Sierra. They're my presents, you can't open them."


"Ok, you can help me open one present."


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kai, Happy Birthday to you.


Easter Fun (top)

There are always a lot of fun things going on around Easter. We participated in 4 Easter Egg Hunts (the city, the neighborhood, school, and our own on Easter day). We also went on the Hippity Hop Adventure at our local zoo. Here are a few pictures from our Easter adventures:


Sierra is perfecting her "grab 3 eggs at one time" technique.


"I got another one."


Kai made out pretty good at the local city Easter Egg Hunt. They had thousands of eggs on a baseball field and cut the kids loose on them. Kai's strategy (per Daddy's coaching) was to go to the back fence, since all the other kids would stop short. It worked for him.


Daddy helped Sierra open her many eggs.





This is Easter Egg Hunt #2 at our local neighborhood park. We met our good friend, Mia there (Sierra's best friend).


"Look mom, I got your favorite color."



"Come on Sierra, there are a lot more eggs."


The Three Stooges made out pretty good.


Kai and Sierra with the creepy Easter Bunny (Jim wants to donate a new outfit).


"Yeah.. it's Easter party time." Kai and Sierra were very excited to go to each others Easter parties.


The Easter Bunny came to see Kai.


"Come on, shake my hand."


Sierra's class in the school Easter parade (poor, petite Sierra was in the back of the bunch so you can't see her at all.. I'm sure you could hear her).


Kai's class in the school Easter parade (he's in the third row back.. you can barely see him).


We went to the Hippity Hop Adventure at our local zoo. They gave the kids rabbit ears and a tail to wear. Kai didn't want any part of it, but Sierra gladly dressed up.


We found the Easter Bunny in the butterfly garden.


"Come on, let's go to the next treat station."


"Check out my bunny lollipop."


The zoo just put in a water park area. We stayed after the Easter festivities to play (we didn't bring bathing suits, but Kai and Sierra didn't mind playing in their t-shirts).

"Hi, Mommy."


"We are soaked."


"This water is hypnotizing."


It's Easter egg time.


"I'm making a blue one."


"My pink one is almost ready."


Sierra chose to make glitter eggs, so Daddy is helping (to avoid the entire kitchen getting decorated).


"Whalla... here is the finished product."


Kai is putting out carrots for the Easter Bunny.


In addition to the carrots, Kai and Sierra wanted to put something out for the Easter Bunny to drink. We asked them what we should put out, and they thought he would like some juice.


In the morning, Kai gasped when he saw the carrots were gone. after a few minutes, he noticed the juice was almost empty too. He took it to Daddy to show him that the Easter Bunny must have been thirsty.


Happy Easter.




One of the items in their Easter basket was a box of fruit snacks. We had gone to the store the day before and Mom didn't buy any because they weren't on sale. When Kai saw the fruit snacks in his basket, he asked how the Easter Bunny got them since they weren't on sale.


Sierra loved her new books.


"Hey mom, take my picture now."


"I love my sister."


Kai and Sierra dressed in their Sunday best.


The crazy face is always part of any photo shoot.



"I'm sassy."



Our last Easter egg hunt was courtesy of Mom and Dad (Mom made up too many eggs).


"My basket is too heavy."


We took a little swim on Easter afternoon.


"I love this warm water."


Birthday Party (top)

We had our birthday party half way between Kai and Sierra's birthday. It worked out that their cousin, Hunter, could come down from Virginia (he was on spring break) with MeMaw and Pawpaw. Unfortunately, mom got some sort of the flu-bug the day everyone arrived, followed by Sierra, then Kai (everyone else made it through unscathed). We were glad to have the help while we were all out-of-commission, but disappointed that we slept the week away (since we only get to visit a few times a year).

The good news is that by Friday, we were all on the mend, so we were able to have our birthday party. It was at IPEZ, a local indoor bounce house place. Everyone bounced for an hour and 15 minutes, then moved to another room for cake/ice cream and snacks. Most everyone was able to make it except the few that had fallen ill to the same mess we had. Here are some pictures from our day:


Mom made Kai a Spiderman cake this year.


Sierra requested a Backyardigans cake this year (it was a little easier to make than the Dora cake last year that had 12 colors).


"MeMaw, bounce me higher."

"Come on Daddy, let's go get the girls."


"I love this place."


"Come on Hunter, let's slide together."


"Mia, I'm winning."


Here is Kai chillin' out.


Our friends, Avery and Alivia trying to knock Jim down.



The jousting area was a big hit with the kids. The dads had fun in this area too.



"Let's get him, girls."


Baby Kyle even bounced.


Here was our Bounce House room.


And another angle of our Bounce House room.


"Watch out Kai, Avery is coming."


Kerrigan and Alivia are on the move.


Ligia and Dick came too, but we couldn't convince them to bounce.


Mom was acting as the olympic luge for the girls (mom was heavier, therefore faster).

Hunter had a beet red face after doing continuous loops on the slide.


Memaw and Hunter are in mid-bounce.


"I love you."




"Daddy finally went down."


"Here I come."


The girls did a group slide.



Unfortunately, Sierra was wounded on the "girl group slide." Her chin slammed into the back of Mia's head and she swelled up like a balloon. The bruise ended up lasting almost 3 weeks (she proudly showed it to anyone that would ask).



Here is our party room (1/2 Spiderman, and 1/2 Backyardigans).

Sierra is blowing out her candles (Alivia and Trinity watching).


Kai is ready to blow out his candles out on the Spiderman cake.


The boys (or some girl Spiderman fans) got masks to wear.


"Mmmm. I love this cake."


Avery and Mia chow down on chocolate ice cream.


Here is Sierra (her ice cream mouth looks lovely) with Gabby, one of her friends from school.


"Cool party."


As Sierra opened each of her cards, she would shake it and say "no dollar." Memaw/Pawpaw have ruined her by sending $1 in every card they get (which they get for every holiday). We'll have to work on her party etiquette.


"Come on, bring the cake."



"Thanks for the Word World toys, Mia." (Jovan, a friend of Kai's from school, is in the back checking it out.)

"Trinity, what do you have?"


Here is the birthday crew (Gabby, Trinity, Mia, Sierra, Kai, Jovan, Jayden, Avery, Alivia and Hunter).

"Thanks for coming Mia."


Kai and Sierra loved having Hunter for the week. It was a real treat having him come all the way down to FL for our party.

"Thanks, Mom and Dad."


Here is Sierra about 5 minutes after leaving the party.


"Is it time for a nap?"


Sierra's Birthday, April 20 (top)

Sierra's birthday was on a Sunday this year. We had her "school party" on the Friday before, with cupcakes and goodie bags. We took the rest of the afternoon off and went to the park. On her actual birthday, her friend, Mia, came over for play date (this was the highlight of her day). She chose to go to Studio Fun in the afternoon (a local art place), where she painted a dog paw.

We came home and went swimming, then had cake and ice cream (after opening her presents). She had a big day. Here are some pictures:



Here are Sierra's Backyardigan cupcakes for her school party.


Mom and Dad got to school a little early to setup the cupcakes for snack time. Sierra was very excited to come in and taste one.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Sierra, Happy Birthday to you.


Kai closed his ears while everyone was singing (too loud for him).


Daddy had a cupcake with Sierra.


Here is Sierra flipping Pablo.


Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Sierra in Japanese.


We tried our kites out at the park. The wind was marginal, but at least we got them up in a air for a little bit.


Sierra doing what she loves most, swinging.


"I love my Daddy."

Daddy let Sierra choose her outfit and dress her self for the birthday outing (from boots to hat).


"Did you know that when you use all the colors on top of each other, you get black?"


Sierra loved her two main presents. She got a little snare drum and symbols, and a pair of crocs with Backyardigans and ChipnDale charms (she calls flip flops, "Slip slops" )


Sierra is having a practice session with her whistle and drum sticks.


Here is our one-man-band.


Sierra loves posing as Mickey Mouse (Sierra loves doing this. She will give us our roles: "Daddy, you da boy," "Mommy, you da little girl," "and, I'm Mickey Mouse." She leaves the room and the little boy calls her. She comes out and pretends to sign the little girl's autograph book. She doesn't speak and often will pose to sign the book, similarly to the actual characters at Disney. Occasionally, she even pretends to pose for a digital picture. She will turn her hands around, which is the pretend camera, so the girl can see the "picture.").


Here is the Higgins' family band.


It was nice and warm for our birthday family swim.


"I'm a nut.".

Mom got tired of baking after the party cakes and cupcakes, so here is Sierra's store bought cake which she picked out (Strawberry Shortcake).

"Make a wish!"

Formal Photo Shoot (top)

Our friend Mendy ( took some awesome pictures of Kai and Sierra. We had gotten the outfits for a cruise we'll take later in the year. Kai and Sierra were so cooperative and actually had fun on their photo shoot. It helped that Mendy gave them both a HUGE lollipop. She had so many wonderful pictures to choose from, but here are a few of our favorites. Daddy has always wanted Kai to have a tux. He wants to get a father/son picture in tuxedos, on the cruise. When Kai gets married one day (in the distant future), he'll have this picture to look back on next to a wedding father/son shot. Daddy would prefer the father/son tux picture to be the "unveiling" of Kai in a tuxedo but these were too good not to share.




Here are a few miscellaneous pictures from the last few months.


Baby Kyle was enjoying his first visit to pick strawberry's.



"How's this one Mommy?"


Kai picked most of our strawberry's. Sierra was running up and down the aisles and posing for pictures.


"Let's go home and eat these babies."


Sierra decided to help Kerrigan carry hers.


"Check out my ants." The Easter Bunny brought Kai and Sierra this cool ant farm. Our ants came in the mail a few days later.


Sierra was finally over "the crud," so she was able to swim with MeMaw.


Here are the "partners in crime." Sierra and Hunter were "hyper-suited" for each other. They both stayed on the edge of being in trouble, mostly because of their high-energy levels.. straight-laced Kai distanced himself from them when they were doing something they shouldn't (or he would just come tattle on them). They all had a great time together.

"Check out my tattoo." Sierra LOVES tattoos (a little too much). She'd be envious of her cousins Colt and West, who have quiet a bit of body-art.


Kai and Sierra both think Hunter "hung the moon." They miss having him around to play with.

Mom crawled out of bed long enough to watch Kai and Sierra open their presents from Memaw and PawPaw.


We went to the zoo on Friday, after everyone recuperated.



"Smile, but don't touch the porcupine."


"Sssssss," Sierra talking to the snake.


"Make a crazy face."


"Stop taking my picture and let me play."


Hunter made us pancakes (or pan-a-cakes, as Sierra calls them).

Hunter and Kai rode the roller coaster at the Fair.


Zoom, zoom.

"Give me your best Power Ranger move."


Mike W., Sierra and Sully posing for a picture (Kai doesn't care much about the characters anymore, but Sierra LOVES them).

We gave Sierra an autograph book for her birthday. This was our first day collecting autographs. She would stand in any line to get one. Here she is with Handy Manny.


Sierra poses with Frozone (from the Incredible's).


Sierra is posing with JoJo and Goliath after getting their autograph.


"Wow, Mickey Mouse is signing my autograph book."



"Can you tell who really wanted to be in this picture?"


Sierra got to participate in the Hollywood Studios parade (Kai could have too, but he's more of a family entertainer).


After being sick for a week, Sierra went back to school and decided to talk back to her teacher, and even went so far as to call her stupid (a kiddie cuss-word in our house). She broke several rules, so was in big trouble. In addition to spending some time in her room, she had to write a note to her teacher. Mom wrote the white part and Sierra did the left (she can write by site but not on her own yet). Fortunately, we haven't had an episode like this since, so maybe the punishment fit the crime. (at least it worked for the moment).


Ms. Eva gave us a birthday Butterfly garden. It was great fun. Kai and Sierra named their caterpillars/butterflies, "Kai" and "Sierra."


Our Easter ants are making good progress.


"Check out how long my pony tails are getting."




"Baby Kyle is getting big."


Here are Kerrigan and Kyle... all smiles.


"Lucky I brought my umbrella."


"I can see you.


"Wow, you're huge."


One last picture of Butterfly Sierra before she flies away.




Kai posing with Butterfly Kai before the big release. One night at dinner, Kai proactively said he was going to be a teacher when he grew up. Sierra said she was going to be a butterfly. Kai then told her that to be a butterfly, she had to be a caterpillar first and she's not a caterpillar (therefore, she can't be a butterfly). Sierra didn't care, so she still thinks she can be a butterfly.


She's happy even underwater.

"Check out my nose bubbles."


Kai posed with Miss Tiffany (his lead teacher). She just left for maternity leave. One day on the way home, we were talking about Miss Tiffany having her baby, and Kai said, "you adopt me from Kazakhstan when I was a baby? Then we came home?" He's starting to connect the dots.


Kai is posing Miss Julie, his other teacher.




Sierra, who normally looks more like a tom-boy, chose this pretty hair bow today. She enjoyed her girly-girl look.

This particular morning, Sierra was playing with Forrest (our dog). She declares, "Forrest is excited." Daddy asked, "Why?" and Sierra replied, "To love me." Daddy laughed and said,"We're all excited to love you."

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