Sunday, April 24, 2005

Our big news of the week was Sierra's first birthday (we celebrated on 4/17/05 - the Sunday before her actual birthday - 4/20/05). We had a few friends and neighbors over for a cookout and cake/ice cream. Mom and Dad didn't plan too well. We had people come over around 2pm, not thinking about nap time being at 3pm. They did ok up until around 330 but then the crankies came on. We rushed to do cake and ice cream before it went totally down hill. We were too late. Sierra wanted no part of it. We forgot to take her clothes off so she already had pink and green icing on her dress. Jim picked her up to strip her down (which she wasn't happy with) and she got green and pink icing all over his white shirt. And needless to say, she wasn't into cake when he put her back in her highchair.

We gave up and put Kai and Sierra down for a nap. After everyone left and the babies got up from their nap, we tried the cake again. Sierra did better this time. She still wasn't overly interested but played in it a little bit and then we herded her off to the bath tub.

Thank goodness for stain remover and hot water - we were successful in cleaning all stained clothes (Note to self: no more fluorescent pink and green icing).

Other updates from the week:

  • On Tuesday, Carla took the kids for their Chicken Pox vaccine. They've had so many immunizations lately that they scream when they see the nurse. It's not an easy one person job to console two hysterical one-year olds. Daddy may be invited to come next time.
  • We introduced some rocking horses and a little slide to Kai and Sierra this week. They took to the rocking horses right away. They really rock hard on them. The slide is still a supervised activity but they have a blast on it.
  • We go to the park a lot (near the house). They kids both love the swings. Kai now launches into "meltdown mode" when we take him off of it (even though he sits expressionless while swinging).
  • Kai is taking a few steps in between Jim and Carla
  • Sierra and Kai both can walk next to us holding only one hand.
  • Much to Jim's dismay, they both love eating fish (Jim hates seafood - smell, taste etc.). Now he has to smell their fish breath after meals.
  • Sierra has a new sound - sort of like a grunt/scream thing. She likes to do it in her crib to make Kai laugh. We haven't been encouraging her with this one, because it's really loud.

Here are some pics from the week:


Sierra got a flower cake for her birthday. We wanted a yellow duck cake but couldn't find a pan for it. This cake was very "lively" looking which matches Sierra's personality.

"You won't believe how long I keep this crown on. Take a look at all the pictures below of me throughout the day."


Kai stole Sierra's crown.


Happy, happy girl.


"Let's party."


Daddy multitasking - talking to Grandma and eating Kai's fingers to make him laugh.


Aren't they cute?


Close to walking on her own...almost.


Birthday cake - take one! She had a meltdown after this bite. Afterwards, she got to go down for a nap.


Birthday wagon ride.


We whipped out the rocking horses Memaw and Pawpaw gave Sierra and Kai and were amazed at their rocking skills - they love them.


Take two on the first birthday cake shot.



Princess Sierra! All "caked" out.


Kai was in charge of baths tonight.


The slide is a big hit!



Kai and Sierra wearing the hats Memaw made for their birthdays -- opening Sierra's presents.

Kai loves the pool. It's still a little chilly to get in, but we let him hang over and splash - big fun!


Team work at it's finest. Mom left for one minute to refill her coffee and came back to see all the books on the floor - they're fast!


Rocking, rockin...


All smiles.


Kai loves Daddy. He says bye, bye, Da, Da all the time. On one of Carla's mom days, he was doing it and waving while on the swing.


Who needs toys when we have trash cans and the dog toy box.


Sierra raided Forrest's (our dog) toy box and stole her rawhide (don't worry we took it away right after this picture).


Kai helping Daddy get the beer cooler ready for the Censeo picnic.


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