Sunday, April 17, 2005

Carla's computer crashed this week but fortunately, she was back in business to post the page today and didn't lose any pictures or webpages. Other than that piece of news, we had a pretty normal week.

It has started to warm up (but the "big pool" hasn't) so we got a little baby pool for the kids. They had a blast. They both like taking a bath so this was no surprise. They splashed water all over the place with a little help from us. Summer should be fun.

Kai did take a small step this week in between Jim and Carla. He hasn't done it since - rather, he insists on just falling towards us so we can catch him. That game must be more fun than walking. Kai and Sierra both still love cruising around on their push trucks so walking can't be that far off. They both walk well beside us, only holding one hand. Maybe they'll just take off running one day...

Sierra's new "word" this week is "Ooh, ooh, ooh" in a deep voice. She says it when she wakes up, goes to bed and all the waking hours in between. We can't figure out if she's singing or talking. She's happy about it so who cares?

They both continue to mimic us quite a bit. Kai pretends to talk on the phone all the time. If he doesn't have a phone or something to use as a phone, he just puts the palm of his hand to his ear and says "Hawo..." Of course, as soon as he's on with a real person, he doesn't jabber quite as much.

Kai still loves to play peek-a-boo. If we ask "Where's Kai?" - he hides his face behind is hands, holds them there for a minute and then pulls them down real quick. Following the "script," we of course say "Peek-a-boo." Sierra has started to play the game as well, but she doesn't quite get her hands over her eyes. She puts hands on either side of her head (close enough) - we still tell her peek-a-boo which she thinks is funny.

Here are some pics from the week:


Kai and Sierra in their new pool.



It's a small pool so they won't be in it that long but it's perfect for them now.


Daddy's helping with the "waves."



Whether in the pool or bathtub, Sierra likes to splash the water in her face and stretch her mouth out like the picture above then giggle uncontrollably.


Happy babies in Daddy's wave pool.



"Let me just stick my finger in your ear one more time." -- Kai was "picking" on Sierra this week. In the stroller and pool, he would stick his finger in her ear until she got mad. A precursor to our future.


On our way to Dick and Dorothy's for a cookout. Short walk, it was next door.


"Mama, you know if you dress us like this, everyone is going to ask if we're twins." -- We get the questions all the time, but we were asking for it on this day.


"Can you just take us home for our nap - we're pooped."



Sierra wearing Kerrigan's cool hat.


Typical woman and the obsession with the scales.



Our Happy Birthday PawPaw sign.


Team work.



Lunch time.


Sierra is helping Daddy exercise.



This was the weekend, we got to turn the car seats around to forward facing - yeah.

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