Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's birthday season! Kai and Sierra were invited to 2 birthday parties this week. We started the week with Alivia's 3rd birthday party (on Sunday) which was a lot of fun. It was right across the street so it was awesome to get the kids up and walk over. Also, they had a pony which Kai and Sierra both took a spin on. Sierra was excited and bucked during her ride. Kai was a little more reserved and sat back (taking it all in). Kai and Sierra were the youngest "partiers" there but still had fun with the "bigger kids."

Our week was pretty routine, but this weekend we had another adventure. We started the day by Kai's first haircut. He did pretty good as long as Mom held him facing her. Monica K. (who cuts Carla's hair) trimmed him with the scissors and finished with the buzzer. She bribed him with a little cookie mid way through - she was pretty amazing chasing the moving target.

After the morning nap we were off to the Central Florida Kazakhstan picnic where we met 3 other families that have adopted from Kazakhstan. The other children were ages 18 mo to 5 years old so Kai and Sierra were the youngest members. They had fun going down the slide and on the swings (Kai actually started crying when we took him out). After the picnic, we were off to another birthday part, Kendall's 5th. It was nice to visit with everyone, but we couldn't stay long since we were already late for the afternoon nap.

Here are some pics from the week:


Taking a ride at Alivia's party.



Sierra on her pony ride.


Kai taking a spin on the pony.



"Can I help you?"

The patented "Kai look."



Kai found a friend.


Leaving the party with our party favors - Sierra got a cool flower.



Kai got a basketball, but he was more interested in the balloon.


"Don't we look cute..."



Cruisin' in the wagon.


So far, so good - no "leapers" yet.



The Grand Puba.


Playing with the puzzle pieces (it's fun to bang them together).




"This book tastes good.."


"This is fun. Daddy's dragging me across the floor - tickles my belly."



"We made a tent out of the ball pool - big fun."


Truck collision.



Kai's first haircut.


"I don't think I like this."



"What's going on?"


Kai preferred to hold Mama while Monica cut the back of his hair.



"Watch this..."


"What a crack up..."



"Daddy's hat is a little big on me.."


"I'd show you my handsome new hairdo, but Daddy put his hat on me."



Sliding at the Kaz picnic.


"Here we go."



"That was fun."


Avery giving Kai a hug.



Walking practice.


"Almost got it... Just a little farther"



"Just a swinging."


"Mr. Cool" -- this is right before his meltdown when we took him out of the swing.



Daddy wearing Sierra at Kendall's party.


Kai is partied out - ready for nap time.


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